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The Namesake: Chapter 1

No description

Allison O'Driscoll

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of The Namesake: Chapter 1

Tries to still eat her cultural food
What cultural differences does Ashima note about her life in the US and her life in India?
What person point of view is used in this novel? What verb tense? What is the reason the author chose this veiwpoint and this tense?
Third Person- Limited omniscient
What is the accident that shaped Ashoke's life? What decision about his life did Ashoke make? How many lives does he say he has had?
A train wreck
Broke his pelvis, right femur, and three of his ribs
After recovery, he finished college and made the decision to continue his engineering studies abroad, even with the disapproval of his parents
He says he was born three times.
Twice in India, once in America
The main themes of the book are identified in Chapter 1. What are these themes, and which one is the most important?
Name and Identity
Relationships between parents and children
The theme of alienation is more important because it is prominent throughout the novel.
Allison O, Brittany N, Deanna B, Stephen K
The Namesake: Chapter 1
The food in the hospital (chicken skin)
Reading about character's lives, rather than the feeling of living through them
Present tense
Psychologically complex portraits (what they feel, know, and don't know)
Various viewpoints
The place of birth
She notices Americans prefer their privacy
Realizes Ashoke will never sweet-talk her or other signs of affection
Refuses to call Ashoke by his first name
Arranged marriage
Importance of birth
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