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Greek & Latin Roots/Affixes: Group 3

No description

Mary Martin

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Greek & Latin Roots/Affixes: Group 3

Greek and Latin
Roots/Affixes: Group 3 On the handout, list as many words as you can think of that contain the root or affix for each number. Instructions
for Power
Roots and Affixes
Handout Do
this by
yourself. 2. Count the number of words you knew alone and add that number to *1 at the bottom of the handout. 3. With your elbow partner, share the words you were able to generate for each root/affix. Make sure to add your partner's strong examples for each root/affix on your list. 4. Count the number of words you added with your partner's help and add that number to **2 at the bottom of the handout. 5. With your partner's help, go back and look at the list of example words you generated for each root/affix. Based on these example words, write a short definition for each root/affix in the margin beside the number. 6. The remainder of this prezi will help you check your work. As you go through the roots/affixes, add strong examples suggested by the prezi and adjust your root/affix definition if necessary. You
need at least
5 examples for each root/affix. When you
have completed
your Power handout, bring it to me. 30. ante (prefix) antebellum, anterior, antennae, antecedent, antedate, ante meridiem Prefix Definition: before 31. dyn (prefix) dynamic, dynamo, dynamite, dynasty, dinosaur, dynamometer Prefix Definition: power 32. im/in (prefix) impossible, imperfect, impassable, improbable, immobile, insane, inscribe, infidel, indefinite, insomnia, incorrigible Prefix Definition: in or not 33. post (prefix) postgraduate, posthumous, postscript, posterity, posterior, postlude Prefix Definition: after 34. sur (prefix) surplus, surpass, surcharge, surface, surfeit, surmount, surname, surtax Prefix Definition: over 35. agog (root) demagogue, pedagogue, synagogue, pedagogy, mystagogue Root Definition: leader 36. alter (root) alternator, alteration, alter ego, alternative, altercation, altruism 7. Also, if you encounter unfamiliar words, click the link at the bottom of each frame to go to This website will give you a definition and allow you to hear how the word is pronounced. Root Definition: other 37. chron (root) chronology, chronological, anachronism, synchronize, chronic Root Definition: time 38. cracy (root) democracy, bureaucracy, aristocracy, monocracy, autocracy Root Definition: rule, government 39. hyper (root) hyperactive, hyperventilate, hyperbole, hyperacidity, hypertension Root Definition: over 40. morph (root) metamorphosis, morphology, amorphous, mesomorph, protomorphic Root Definition: shape 41. polis (root) metropolis, police, polite, policy, acropolis, necropolis, megalopolis Root Definition: city 42. theo (root) theology, pantheism, atheism, montheism, apotheosis, henotheism Root Definition: (G/god) 43. cede (root) precede, recede, antecedent, proceed, secede, concede, intercede, succeed Root Definition: go 44. clud (root) exclude, include, preclude, exclusive, conclude, occlude, cloister Root Definition: close 45. duct (root) conduct, induct, product, ductile, reduction, deduction, reproduction 46. greg (root) gregarious, segregate, congregate, aggregate, congregation Root Definition: group Root Definition: lead 47. hab (root) habit, habitual, habitat, inhabit, habituate, inhabitant, rehabilitate Root Definition: customary 48. jur (root) jury, perjury, jurisdiction, abjure, jurist, juror Root Definition: law 49. nomen/nym (root) nominate, nomenclature, nominal, nomination, anonymous, antonym, pseudonym, synonym Root Definition: name 50. nov (root) novel, nova, novice, Nova Scotia, innovation, renovate Root Definition: new 51. prim/prime (root) prime, primary, primate, primogeniture, primeval, prima donna, primo Root Definition: first 52. sent/sens (root) sense, sensitive, sensation, sensory, sensible, sentimental, assenter, dissent, resent, nonsense, desensitize Root Definition: feel, be aware 53. solv/solute (root) solvent, dissolve, resolution, absolution, insoluble, resolute Root Definition: loosen, free 54. trac/tract (root) tractor, detract, retration, attractive, protractor, contract, traction Root Definition: pull 55. vol (root) volunteer, benevolent, malevolent, volition, involuntary Root Definition: will 56. volu/volut/volv (root) revolve, involved, devolve, convoluted, revolution Root Definition: roil, roll 57. ish (suffix) foolish, Irish, childish, bluish, fiendish Suffix Definition: like, similar to 58. less (suffix) witless, powerless, nameless, reckless, worthless, useless, defenseless Suffix Definition: without 59. ment Suffix Definition: result, action (suffix) alignment, achievement, resentment, excitement, appointment The End of Greek and Latin Roots/Affixes: Group 3
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