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USA - the political system

No description

Rita Hansen

on 9 March 2018

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Transcript of USA - the political system

A country of immigrants
stability important
oldest functioning democracy
oldest written constitution
oldest political party (The Democratic Party)
Federalism - power shared
Federal republic
did not want to be a kingdom
"checks and balance"
2 party system
The USA and its political system
How is the power shared?
State powers:
Health care (Obama Care)
Criminal justice

Three branches
The Executive Branch
(utøvende makt)
The President and his cabinet
First cabinet 1789
The President
The Judicial Branch
(dømmende makt)
USA - the political system
Federal powers:
Defense/armed forces
Foreign affairs
Collect taxes
10th amendment says that the powers which are not listed are reserved to the states
King and Prime Minister
Foreign policies
Proposes new bills/legislations
changes in taxes
nominates federal judges
sit max 2 periods
Who can become President?
Born American citizen
35 years old
14 years
Leader of the winning party
The Legislative Branch
(den lovgivende makt)
passes laws
regulates foreign affairs
regulates military forces
Two Houses
The House of Representatives
The Senate
The House of Representatives
435 members (changes- based on population))
elected for 2 years
called Congressman/woman
25 years old
7 years an American citizen
In favor of the big states
The Senate
100 members
Elected for 6 years
Senators (2 senators in each state)
In favor of the small states
The Supreme Court
9 justices - chosen by the President
can not be "sacked"
make sure legislations are constitutional
"Checks and balance"
They check each other
The Presidential election
election every 4th year (Tuesday after first Monday in Nov - 20th January)
run campaign to become candidate
each party nominates their candidate
expensive - need fond raisers
important to win the "big" states
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