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No description

Justin Browder

on 7 November 2014

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Type of Business
Service- to purchase and resell items no longer wanted or needed.
Business Philosophy- to provide services to benefit a client in need of downsizing in there later years in life
Description of good or service- to assist the client in reducing there liability of assets and house hold goods that are no longer needed.

Self analysis
Any potential customer approaching the age of retirement
Appears minimal at best based on my research
Centraly in the state desired to provide my services to allow central control and distribution of my services throughout the state.

Education- Currently a motivated high school student.
Training- customer service based on my employment at Winn Dixie
Personal development- highly motivated to continue my education in any area that would result in customer satisfaction and profit
Marketing plan
advertise in all media available such as print, electronic, and social media.
Goods and services
Unwanted used items, discarded items to purchase and barter at wholesale prices to retain and market for resale in retail.
Promotional marketing plan
Traditional advertising
Keep up to date with obituary columns
Sources of capital
Get start up money from investors and
Projected expenses would be
Delivery Van
and a subscription to the News Journal
Projected income
Unknown due to an untapped market.
I believe income would fluctuate based
on current and future economic
conditions along with the death rate.
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