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John Harrison Photography

No description

Jasmine Watt

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of John Harrison Photography

John has won different awards with different contests such as the Aperture Nature Photography Workshop Contest, along with being prestigious in the North America Nature Photography Association.
Part of the Board of Directors of
Palo Alto Camera Club where he is
an instructor. This is taken in San Francisco, an image of the "Golden Gate Bridge" taken at sunset. He was at Alcatraz in San Francisco when he took the image. The picture was taken at Yosemite. He got a really nice picture of the texture of the face of the rocky cliff. It shows the smooth and rough parts of the cliff and in high detail. The Moon John Harrison He focuses primarily on the vibrant colors of
the textures in nature
the moon
flowing water
waterfalls This was taken at Yosemite National Park. This was just taken after a clearing storm passed through and John and his friend were heading to a bar and he got his friend to drive them to the Yosemite Renaissance Gallery reception, and they came upon this picture at sunset. He also likes to show the different textures of flowers, trees, and different aspects of nature.
But as this picture before shows a Pink Tulip but how in depth he gets you can see the textures of the pedals. This is a full moon over Half-Dome at Yosemite in the winter of 2007. He got this image on a failed attempt of trying to get the rare High tails Fall. He was seconds away from not capturing this photo. This is an image of a full moon over Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. John took time in trying to get this photo by calculating exactly where the moon was going to rise. He sat and waited till finally the moon came up. Flowing Water He names this "Snowcaps Flowing on the Merced." You can see in this picture that the water is flowing rapidly around the rocks. But not only does it show the flowing of water it shows the texture of the rocks and snowcaps. Named "The Brides Red Veil." When he came upon this red rock and noticed the flow of water coming beneath it he said "he changed his camera setting to make the water appear like paint." This is what gave those white streaks. He named it The Brides Red Veil cuase that's what it reminded him of. He loves flowing water because there are so many different ways you can capture flowing water. He finds it to be exciting and fascinating for him. WATERFALLS This picture shows the High Tail Falls but what is rare about the picture is that the color of the water is the color of lava. Many maps dont even have this waterfall marked on maps. It is said that this can only happen in the last 2 weeks of February and if there is water flowing over and there are clear skies during sunset then the reflection will glow off the water making it look like lava. Named Cataract Falls located in San Francisco. John took this photo at the spring Waterfalls in Marin County, where he went up with his family to spend the weekend and couldn't resist to take pictures of the waterfall.
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