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Do You See What They Missed?

No description

Stephen Johns

on 22 December 2013

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Transcript of Do You See What They Missed?

Do You See What They Missed?
Mark 6:32-44
The Gospel of Mark & Irony
Dramatic irony is when the narrator and audience know more than the actors in the story.
The Crucifixion of Christ
They Mocked . . .
The truth is . . .
"Hail King of the Jews"
He is King
Crown of Thorns
King of Kings
Robe of Purple
Robed with Splendor
On the Cross
They said . . .
"If you are the son of God then come off the cross and save your life"
He said . . .
If any man will save his life he must lost it.

Take up your cross and follow me.
Healing on the Sabbath
They judged Him for healing on the Sabbath
He asked if it was okay to save a life on the Sabbath and healed and forgave a man
They started to plotting His murder
The Feeding of the 5,000
The Irony of Feeding a Large Crowd
The Crowd
The curious
The sick
The believers
The enemies
5,000 men
200 pennyworth not enough
($14,500 today)
Potentially 10,000-15,000 people
The Miracle
The Messages of the Miracle
Physical needs point to a greater spiritual need
Only Christ can meet your need
Repent and Believe on Christ to have your deepest spiritual need met
He is compassionate
He meets the needs of the undeserving
He is kind to show you your need
Give us more bread because we are hungry
The Crowd:
You need bread that gives eternal life
The Crowd:
How can we earn that bread?
No work. Just believe.
The Crowd:
Moses proved himself with bread from Heaven
I am the Bread of Life
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