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Rhenium the element

This is a project done by Phillip Arthur Wesley For Ms.Kittrick science class

Damathmatical Wesley

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Rhenium the element

Rhenium is silvery white, metal, solid. It's melting point is 3186 degress celcius and its boiling point is 5630 degrees celcius. It's period number is 6 and it is in group 7. It's density is 2.8 grams per cubic centimeter and it's atomic radii is 137pm. RE Obstacle 2 sCience ... facts Start Its Atomic Number is 75 Rhenium is used to build turbine engines for Airplanes, rocket motors for spaceships, and electrical arcs for conducting electricity. Without it we wouldn't have airplanes or rocketships and transportation will be either by car or boat. 2 Isotopes and their uses Rhenium costs 3750 per pound. Mexico produces rhenium. Rhenium is a rare metal. Rhenium conducts electricity.Rhenium slowly tranishes in moist air Rhenium This element name comes from the latin word "Rhenus" meaning rhine Atomic Symbol is Physical Description How is Rhenium Important? 185/Re and 187/Re uses beta decay Rhenium was discovered in 1925 and it was discovered by Walter Naddack. It's Atomic mass is 186.207. Rhenium Can be found in the engines of aircrafts. It is commonly used as a superalloy for jet engine componants. 10 Fun Facts About Rhenium
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