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The Idea of Telecommuting That save IBM

Jubail University college Principles of MIS

feda al_majed

on 8 May 2011

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Transcript of The Idea of Telecommuting That save IBM

IBM the different situation that
IBM has past throuh Good communication support Redesigned the work support processes Save IBM jobs There are many
expected benefits the managers had most problems coping with the change to telecommuting The impact of telecommuting on their productivity and job satisfation several Telecommuting had lack interaction with peers some of problems that effect to the system configuration evaluate the results the change of mobility refers to environment in which works can access information The main point What was the situation at IBM
between 1985 and 1994?! slip profit margins lose market share dropped the stock how did the telecommuting start ! started by a team consisting of Jhone Frank, Wiley, chief financial and chief information people. what were the components of
telecommuting environment? Home office equipment 1 2 communication facilities 3 shared workspace 4 Reengineered work support processes what was provided for each employee home office IBM PC standard set of software desk chair cabinets What was the shared workspace at the IBM office? small cubicles provided with main important devices Enclosed offices for private conferences how did the administrative support groups function? support groups function by handled cards,expense accounts,keeping publications table up to date How the work support process were redesined? by rely on the PROFS calender function to
schedule meetings and teleconferences the implementation process define the technology they need
plan and scheduling the activities what was the real motivation behind telecommuting
and what the expected benefits of this project? motivation keep 50 IBM jobs
more effective service
to customers benefits eliminating the time and stress of
commutin into office,parkin problems
more time at home with family Management had the greatest problems
with telecommuting why? Because those managers were eager to adopt telecommuting as a productivity enhancement changes according to employees that telecommuting has made their productivity,customer relation and work life! many respondents were pleased,the workload has increased, do not need to
spend time traveling one of the main concerns of telecommuters
was lack of interaction with peers. they solve by:
work as team to exchange the information
getting in touch with the employee.
By scheduling meeting to subsititute the problems with technological support some of these problem was:
the printing.
phone system
Difficulty to get a letter quality printin done what was required to go frome 'telecommuting' to'mobility'? the required to go was:
technology that can communication shuch as laptop. IBM is a large company interested in computers, it has a good percent of the computer marketing until1980's after all the telecommuting was a good idea for IBM company and the employees as well. done by:
Feda Almajed 31220003
Ayshah Aldouhan 29120152
Hajar Ayedh Alshahrani 30120441
Maha Alsomali 29120213 The Idea of Telecommuting That Save
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