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My Uncle Gord

My Hero is my Uncle Gord

Chantal Harrison

on 12 November 2010

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Transcript of My Uncle Gord

My Uncle Gord was diagnosed with a brain tumour on Boxing day 2008 My Uncle Gord HIS CANCER My Uncle Gord is my mom's brother
He has two sisters, my mom and my Auntie Kathy His Family
He has three children
Twila who is 28 years old and has two kids who are 2 and 8 months,their names are Xylia( the oldest) and Timothy (the youngest):Heather who is 26 years old and Matthew who is 24 years old and recently got married. Heather has M.S which is multiple sclerosis It was unfortunate that him and his family had to spend that Christmas in the hospital
He was put through many tests before they found out that he had a brain tumour. After he was diagnosed he was treated with radiation and Chemotherapy. Anthony and Zeffron Anthony and Zeffron are two of the many foster children that my Aunt and Uncle have taken care of They have been foster parents for five years This puts alot of stress on my Aunt and Uncle because they love and care for them very much. Matthew was born as a pre-mature baby and that caused him to be blind. He can't see but he has his wife there with him all the time for support Xylia and Timothy Recent Surgery My Uncle Gord recently had surgery The whole family was very worried for him I had been crying during the time of his surgery because most people don't survive the surgery Brain Tumour My mom, Uncle Gord, Auntie Kathy He is not letting his tumor prevent him from doing things he wants to do My Aunt came home one day to find my Uncle sitting and he wasn't able to move or talk Anthony My Uncle has not let anything not even cancer come in his way of living his everyday life Some Symptoms of brain cancer include headaches that are worse in the morning, changes in personality, abnormal eye movements, and weakness in the arms and legs. My relationship with my Uncle My Uncle is a very special person in my life My Uncle Gord is my God Father When my sister and I were younger he used to pretend to be a monster or lion and he would scare us. I love him so much He still continues to play the role of a monster or lion but with his new grandchildren Xylia and Timothy MY UNCLE IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN MY LIFE! I LOVE YOU UNCLE GORD! I HAVE LEARNED ONE THING FROM THIS EXPERIENCE AND THAT IS YOUR FAMILY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE AND YOU SHOULD ALWAYS TREASURE THEM NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS THE END Since being diagnosed with cancer it has been harder for them to be foster parents. Right now Anthony and Zeffron have had to go to other foster homes because my Uncle Gord had to go in for surgery We are very fortunate because this type of surgery can have alot of complications such as Paralysis or stroke or loss of speech My Uncle has a brain tumour called a Glioma My Uncle has an anaplastic grade IV glioma, which means it is the most advanced brain tumour and the hardest to treat Grade IV gliomas almost always grow back even if they have been removed by surgery. Normally gliomas can't be cured but we're hoping for a miracle.
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