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No description

Allie Masterson

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is when your bones start to become weak and brittle or you lose height. This can be life long and can't be cured. It is more in females 60 and up. It happens in your spine, hips, or wrists more often. It is an imbalance between old bone formation and new formation. There are three million cass per year.
A person can get infected by this if they smoked, drank alcohol, and low hormones. They can also get it by not doing physical exercise once every two weeks because if you don't move then they start to stay that way so when you move it will hurt.
What is the disease?
How does the person get infected?
Symptoms of the disease
There is only two symptoms which are bone fracture, and loss of height.
Self care or exercise can treat. It is non curable, but two more ways to feel better are medicine, for example one medication is bone supplement. Another way to treat is to go to the doctors office often.
Statistics relative to the disease
61% in females and 20-25% in males. 10% loss of bone marrow.
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