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Josh and Griffin

No description

lib hist

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Josh and Griffin

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The people we chose were named Adams Lucian & Jackson Arthur.
Where were they born?
Adams was born in Port Arthur, Texas and Jackson was born in Cleveland, Ohio.
what was their rank and branch that they served in?
Adams was a staff sergeant for the army and Jackson was a captain for the marines. They were both in the third battalion.
When did they join the military?
They both joined the military in the year of 1943.

Josh and Griffin
What war were they in and where was it?
Adams and Jackson were both in WWII, but Adams was in France and Jackson was on the Island Of Peleliu.
Who were they?
What did they do to earn the medal?
Both saved there group of soldiers when they were pinned down by enemy fire. Adams was told to scout out the area and he saw three gunners. Then they went down and opened fire and his company took cover while Adams made a lone assault on the enemy despite enemy fire. As a result, Adams saved him and his group. Jackson and his west flank was pinned down by enemy fire. Jackson bravely got out of his hiding spot to go and save his soldiers. He ran at the enemy and threw grenades and shot them. In the end. he saved his west flank and killed 50 enemy soldiers.
Who awarded them the medal?
Adams Lucian got his Medal of Honor awarded to him from General Alexander Patch. Jackson J. Arthur earned his medal from President Harry Truman. They also earned the Purple Heart.
Adams Lucian
Jackson J. Arthur
Our Opinion
We thought they were both brave and we both wish we were as selfless and courageous as them. We both thought it would've been a honor to meet them in person.
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