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Jacques Cousteau

No description

benjamin goethe

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Jacques Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau
What did Jacques Cousteau invent?
Cousteau helped to invent many other tools useful to oceanographers
like small submarine for seafloor exploration and a number of underwater cameras.
Pierre Iberville
Jacques Cousteau and Pierre Iberville
Jacques Cousteau
When was Jacques Cousteau born?
Born in saint-andré-de- cubzac,France , June 11, 1910
Jacques Cousteau
The father of scuba diving

Jacques Cousteau was one of the first explorers to explore underwater.
He also made equipment to help him explore
He attended a boarding school and then the french naval academy.In 1943,
He began to use goggles.That developed his lifelong interest in undersea exploration.
Inroduction on Pierre Iberville
Pierre Iberville is a french canadian born in Montreal.As a young man, Iberville joined the french traders in attacks against rival English trading posts.
How did Iberville become famous
He gained fame as a military figure for his role in an expodition that captured three English forts.
How did Iberville Die
On July 9,
as he was preparing for another battle,
Iberville suddenly
died in what is now Cuba.
It is believed that he had contracted yellow fever.
How did the Pélican get abandoned?
The Pélican had to be abandoned because it was damaged in the fighting . But Iberville and his half-frozen crew captured the British stronghold, York Fort.
Pierre Iberville
Soon after Iberville was made commander of the forts.His small fighting ship , the Pélican, met three British warships. He sank one and captured the other , but the third ship able to escape.
In 1945 Cousteau served world war II and helped found the French navy's undersea research group.In 1950 he launched the Calypso, a research ship. he and his crew on the ship carried out many expeditions.In 1952 Cousteau published a book,The silent world , about his research and about scuba diving.

Iberville was then given a new assignment.
In 1682 another explorer has claimed the lands
around the Mississippi river for France.
He had called the area Louisiana.
Iberville was sent to establish a colony so that the French would have stronger claim to the land.
England and France signed peace treaty in 1697.
In 1701 France again went to war with Britain.In the Indies Pierre Iberville attacked two English setlers.
When was Jacques Cousteau born?

Wich 2 things did Jacques Cousteau invent?
d)Underwater camares
Where was Pierre Iberville born?
c) USA

How did Pierre Iberville die?
a)Contracted yellow fever
d)Lateral collateral ligament
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