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Harvesting Embryos

No description

marlorita battle

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Harvesting Embryos

Future funding
Harvesting Embryos

By: Monica Akpotosevwe, Jomekia Braden, Brittany Hill , Eva Ramirez and Danielle Renwick HCS/335October 15, 2013Nina Gross

Basics of harvesting embryos ( biomedical issue)
Historical and current impact
Potential future for harvesting embryos

The eggs used to create embryos in this way have to be donated by women, who could be exploited for their eggs, especially in poorer countries or places with fewer legal restrictions

What’s the issue?
Fertility treatment
Disease treatments
Individual medical treatments ( therapeutic cloning)
YouTube link- US Scientist clone human stem cells 2:04

The future of Stem Cell Research
Improving health
Improving well being
Drug Testing
Organ Donations

Biomedical Issues
People are scared
Harvesting Embryos
Stem cell transplant
Stem Cell Therapies and the Future
More effective therapies
Risk reduction
Invasiveness reduction
Steam cell duplication drugs

Collecting healthy samples
Identical genetics

Even if destroying embryos is classed as killing, sometimes society may  justify killing to save the lives of others: e.g. if Hitler had been assassinated, millions of lives would probably have been saved.

Historical Issues
1947 DES
1953 Continued

Current Issues
Research not being done in the United States.
Short term effects
Long term effects

Government Funding
Private Funding
Ethical and Social Responsibility

Leadership in education
Clinical services

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