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Mood + Lord of the Flies

No description

Hannah Bohne

on 26 August 2016

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Transcript of Mood + Lord of the Flies

Mood + Lord of the Flies
Setting and Mood
Setting is the physical location where the narrative takes place. A setting and how the author describes it can set the mood,
Definition of Mood
In literature, mood is a literary element that evokes certain
feelings or vibes in readers
through words and descriptions.
Diction and Mood
Diction is the choice of words an authors uses. Diction (or WORD CHOICE) shows us the characters, setting, and plot through the lens of a certain FEELING.
In your notes... make 3 columns
We are going to look at 3 different ways authors can create MOOD.

1) Setting
2) Diction
3) Time
When you see a KEY write it in your notes!

Time and Mood
The author can manipulate time to create a certain feeling, like suspense, tension, or mystery.
"The slope of the bars of honey-colored sunlight decreased; they slid up the bushes, passed over the green candle-like buds, moved up toward the canopy, and darkness thickened under the trees. With the fading of the light the riotous colors died and the heat and urgency cooled away." (57)
Pick out 5 words that show a MYSTERIOUS mood.
"By the time Ralph had reached the landward end of the scar he was using precious breath to swear. He did desperate violence to his naked body among the rasping creepers so that blood was sliding over him." (67)
What FEELING does this passage give you? Give me 3 words as evidence.
How have you seen Golding use the passing of time? What do you think happens when all this time is passing?
Define Foreshadowing.

Make a prediction about the boy that went missing.
How do you know this?
Parallel Plots
In Medias Res: A story that starts at the climax and then flashbacks to tell the story
2 PLOTS at once...Can you think of a movie with two plots happening at once?
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