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Note-Taking Lesson

A lesson designed for high school students on note-taking skills. This lesson features inFact videos from Brian Dunning.

Tara Okun

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Note-Taking Lesson

Taking Notes
Our Objectives...
Discuss how to be prepared to take notes.
Learn useful note-taking strategies.
Practice taking notes.
Note-Taking Tips:
Having the right equipment:
Always come prepared to class
A fancy pen or pencil
A nice, crisp notebook or binder
Start every new day with a new page
Put the date and the objectives before you begin taking notes.
Note-Taking Tips:
Keeping it organized:
Don't write down every word.
You won't make it.
Listen for the big ideas.
Listen to your teacher's explanation before trying to write it all down.
If you're writing, you can't pay attention.
Leave lots of space
It's less overwhelming
Note-Taking Tips:
Using Cornell Notes
Cornell Notes were created in the 1950s by Walter Pauk.
They have been proven to help you understand the material better, synthesize information, and think critically.
Why fancy pen, pencil, and notebook?
There's just something that makes you feel more productive when you have your own special supplies.

How can you expect to take good notes on a torn sheet of paper you borrowed and a garbage pencil you found on the floor?
Let's Begin!
Divide your paper into two columns
The left column is 1/3 of the page, the right is 2/3 of the page.
You will take notes in the right column.
In the left column, you will write questions and keywords.
After the lecture, you will summarize your notes at the bottom.
Homework for tonight (due next class):
Locate this Prezi on my webpage and choose a video to watch.
You will take Cornell Notes on the video you choose.
Try to take all the notes on the first try, it's harder than you think!
After you have finished with notes, don't forget to complete the summary at the bottom
Be prepared to submit your notes and discuss the video you watched next class.

Boosting your Immune System
The 2012 Apocalypse
Cell Phones on Planes
Fast Food Phobia
Ghost Hunting
Click when done ->
Click when done ->
Click when done ->
Click when done ->
Click when done ->
How did you do? Did you catch everything he said?
How did you do? Did you catch everything he said?
How did you do? Did you catch everything he said?
How did you do? Did you catch everything he said?
How did you do? Did you catch everything he said?
Exit Ticket (scrap paper):
What is the benefit of using
Cornell Notes?
Include your full name!
Note Taking Tips
Use abbreviations
e.g. = for example
& = and
" " = ditto
ref = reference
Use bullets (especially for lists)
Use your handouts!

What do you notice about the students in the following video?
Friday, September 11, 2015
Remember to place your homework in the bin!
Please grab your journal and sit in your assigned seat.
What are study skills? List at least three examples.
Remember, DO NOWs are individual tasks. There should not be any discussion. We will discuss your responses shortly.
Write today's date on the top right of a fresh page and respond to the following:
We are going to practice note-taking by watching a short video about oversharing online called "Think Before You Post".

Prepare a blank Cornell Note-taking page in your notebook or binder.
In your groups, compare your notes.
Respond in your journals...
What was similar/different about the left side of your notes (keywords/questions)?
What was similar/different about the right side of your notes?
Who in your group do you think took the best notes? Why?
Be ready to share!
Common Core Standard Addressed:
Integrate and evaluate

presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally.
How did you do?
Now, let's test your note-taking skills by quizzing you on the video...
Remember, you have to
integrate and evaluate
multiple sources of media (remember the standard?)
First, summarize your notes at the bottom (1-2 short sentences).
write this down in your journals
How do your notes compare?
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