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patterns and trends in audience behaviour

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louisa cunningham

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of patterns and trends in audience behaviour

patterns and trends in UK audience behaviour 2013
The Film Industry
source: the BFI 2014
which day do people go to the cinema?
the weekend - 59%
weekdays - 41%
which genre is the most popular?
animation - 22%
action - 19%
comedy - 14%
How do audiences hear about films?
£189 million spent on advertising films with theatrical release
1.4 million average spend on a studio backed UK film
Most money spent on TV and Outdoor advertising
Just 2.5million spent on Internet advertising
Do British audiences prefer American, British or Other films?
72.5% of film released in the UK were USA made
UK films represent 22% of the market value (how much they made overall)
UK films with Hollywood studio backing spent longer at the box office (suggests popularity and greater chance of making more money)
79% of films with theatrical release were English Language films
How many films have you seen in 3D at the cinema?
1655 3D screens in the UK
46 3D films released in 2013
18% of the box office revenue
sales for 3D films generated £207million
top 5 films in UK in 2013 all had 3D versions
14 of the top 20 films of 2013 were 3D
do audiences prefer THE cinema or the HOME cinema?
162 million copies of videos sold
decline of 4% - lowest box office since 2008
UK box office = £1.1 billion
165.5 million admissions
3.4 billion viewings of film on TV
decreased by £2.1 billion since 2013
£323 million
12+ audiences
42% of users download, stream, share
when in the year, and where, are you most likely to go to the cinema?
August, January & December - highest number of admissions
London has the most cinema admissions in the country - 25.5%
who do you usually go to the cinema with?
12A films are the most popular - 46% of box office takings
more 15 releases than any other classification
with family
with friends
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