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The Scorch Trials

No description

Ethan Mathew

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of The Scorch Trials

Evidence 1
Evidence 2
"Teresa does not like you. I would watch my back around her if I were you." (p.g 281) This confuses Thomas and he doesn't know if he can really trust Teresa, but he still continues to even though she seems like she truly wants him dead. He does this because, he thinks that she is pretending that she wants to kill him and that she has a different plan in her mind.
What would happen if...
If Thomas hadn't put his trust into Teresa, then he might have done something that would have affected the outcome of the story. Perhaps, he would have tried to escape from the girls when they were taking him away, then he would have most likely died. This would change the meaning of the story and the theme which is, you should always trust your closest friends and your family members, even when it seems as if they are lying to you.
Major Theme of The Scorch Trials
James Dashner developed a major theme in the book, The Scorch Trials. The theme was, you should always trust close friends or family members when they tell you something, even if things appear as if they shouldn't be trusted. In the story, Teresa left Thomas and joined another group. There she pretended to want to kill Thomas. Then she told him that things were going to get bad, but she also told him to trust her and that everything would be fine afterward. Throughout the story, Thomas trusted Teresa and continued to trust her even though it seemed that she wanted to kill him for real. In the end, Thomas's deep trust in Teresa paid off and everything turned out fine.
How the theme relates to the real world
The theme trust tells us that in real life, sometimes the people closest to you might seem like they are lying when they truly aren't. You should trust them because they might be hiding something from you for your own benefit or they might tell you to do something that is good for you. For example, if your parents tell you to be home at a certain time but you don't want to, you should trust your parents and come home when they told you to. Even if it seems like they are trying to make you miserable, they are trying to help you, so you should trust them and believe that what they are telling you is good for you.
"They're blocking me from talking to you in our heads. Remember to trust me."
"What are you saying to him?"
"I'm just letting him know how much I'm enjoying this. How much I'm enjoying my revenge. " (p.g 265) This is an example of Teresa telling Thomas to trust her and he does. He does this because Teresa is one of his very close friends and he knows that she will eventually come through for him.
Compare and Contrast
In the story The Scorch Trials, James Dashner develops the theme trust by showing us Thomas' thoughts and who he feels can or can't be trusted. In the book The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, the same theme was developed, but she did it in a different way. She developed it by showing how the characters came to trust each other through the conflicts that took place throughout the story.
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