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The Dream Trip

Just won a free trip!

Nikki Krantz

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The Dream Trip

Where are you going? Dream Trip Negril, Jamaica I want to go here because it is very nice here. It is warm and I have never been here before. How are you going to get there? I am going to get there by American Airlines. Leaving at 6:55 am in Detroit
Arrive at Montego Bay at 2:00 pm Sat 1 May
Duration: 8hr 5mn This flight will cost $667.42 Where are you going to stay? The Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall, Jamaica Total room cost: $7,558.40 canadian for 15 days.
5 star resort! Things to do when you get there! Lay on the beach! This would be free. I would go parasailing.
This costs $50. I would go snorkeling.
It would cost 125 canadian dollars to go with a
jet ski, a guide and the equipment. Take a tour to Dunn's River Falls. This costs 15 canadian dollars per person. Swim in the blue lagoon.
A tour here would cost 30 canadian dollars. Currency $1 Canadian = 87.3562 Jamaican Dollars

Climate The climate in jamaica is very hot! The average annual temperature is 82°F. Food! Food of the Country! Above is a famous jamaican dish called "Jerk". Restaurants! The Jerk Hut This restaurant features the famous jamaican food "Jerk", it is located on the resort. Mangos Tropical fruit plates and salads for lunch and Caribbean fare at dinner, it is located on the resort. Safety! But Jamaica is generally a safe place for you to visit. Jamaica does have a bad crime rate
off of the resorts.
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