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Verizon Wireless v.s AT&T iPhone Signal Strength

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Mireya Rendon

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Verizon Wireless v.s AT&T iPhone Signal Strength

Verizon Wireless v.s AT&T
iPhone Signal Strength
Using available data from the internet we will try to find out which provider has the highest number of dropped calls.

Our sources are the following:
Dropped Calls

We want to compare the amount of dropped calls between Verizon Wireless and AT&T iPhones.

Cell phone companies such as Verizon and AT&T phones transmit signals from the iPhone to the nearest tower and tells the tower what you are trying to do. Whether it’s making a call or listening to the radio, the phone sends the signal out to the nearest cell phone tower to do the action. The cell phone tower receives it and sends a signal back letting you complete the action you are trying to complete
AT&T gradually increased except for one period as the rate dropped lower but not lower than Verizon's dropped call rate. Verizon's dropped call rate over a ninety day period decreased except for one period where it increased a little then dropped back down within the next period. We also used a bar graph to represent the percentages of the data.
AT&T iPhone rate was 4.8%, while Verizon was at a low rate of 1.4%. We subtracted AT&T's iPhone dropped call rate from Verizon's iPhone dropped call rate to determine how much higher AT&T dropped call rate was during a ninety day period. AT&T's dropped call rate was 3.41% higher than Verizon's dropped call rate.
In Conclusion, our group determined that Verizon Wireless iphones dropped call rate was lower than AT&T iPhones dropped call rate. We came to this conclusion based on our analysis using statically data and graphical displays. We compared the rates of dropped calls on iPhones from both cell phones companies which lead us to the conclusion that Verizon iPhone signal strength is more reliable than At&t iPhones.
By: Mireya Rendon
LaShawnna Jackson
Latriece Holmes

AT&T =3.8%
Verizon= 2.0%
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