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Michelle Obama

No description

M2K Kids

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama
By: Kaylee Phillips
Date of birth
I was born on January 17,1964
Early Life
By 6th grade I was attending gifted classes. I went on to attend the cities first magnet high school for gifted children. I searved as the student goverment treasure. I graduated in1981 from Witney M. Young High School. Also I followed her brother to Princetion University, graduated cum laude with a B.A in Sociology.
Family Members
My dad is Fraster Robinson, my mom is Marian Robinson, my husband Brack Obamna, and my kids Natasha and Malia Ann Obama
Adult Life
In 1989 I meet my furture husband Brack Obama. We both went to Harvard. After a month Brack asked me out and I thought no way and i also thought it was completly tacky i refused to date Brack. We soonly fell mad in love. After 2 years of dating Brack we celebrated the fact that he had finished the bar. When I was eating desert I found a ring. We got married at the Trinity United Church on October 3, 1992.
I worked as an associate in the Chicago branch of law firm. I joined the University of Chicago in 1996 as an associate dean of student services. I then worked for the University of Chicago Hospital beginning in 2002. I continued to work part-time until shortly after Brack inauguration as president.
Interesting Facts
Brack and I both went to Harvard. My brother Craig and I both skipped 2nd grade. I was a student council treasure in high school. I loved to play the piano. The first dance to my weeding was "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole. For breakfast I like to eat fruit, eggs and bacon. I graduated from high school in my 2nd year.
Contributions in life
My contributions are in the field cutting down obesity. Another one of me contributions is to reduce childhood obesity. through the "Lets Move! Program." I was a mentor to the President of the of the U.S. by helping Brack succed. I made a record for the most kids doing jumping jacks and made some school lunches healithier.
I was raised in a one bedroom one bathroom appartment. My family has been described as a close-knit one that shares family maels, read and played games together. My brother Craig and I slept in the familyroom with a sheet deviding us appart.
family then
family now
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