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Denmark geography by lu

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Ms Connolly

on 12 June 2018

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Transcript of Denmark geography by lu

The Geography of Denmark

By Sean O Neill and Luca Coppola.
Denmark is located near the middle of Europe
Its population is 5.736 million
It gets about 1 billion tourist a year!
Where in Europe

Denmark is a beautiful country.
There are so many nice towns and places.
Here's a picture.
Denmark's highest points is Møllehøj (Mill Top), near the town of Skanderborg in Mid-Jutland. It is 170.86 meters high.
The biggest lake in Denmark is ArresA measured 40km 2.
The major rivers of Denmark include, The Gudena, The Odense River, The Vida, The Skjern, and The Susa.
Along the coast in the Top of Denmark you will find a large number of harbours, both dynamic industrial ports, marinas, small fishing villages, and active fishing harbours. Go on a picknick and experience the lively environment at the harbour.
Industrial ports
Every year the large ports in Skagen, Frederikshavn and Hirtshals attract thousands of people. Here life around the ports are characterized by fishing and ferry service.

Enjoy fresh fish on the quay or buy fresh fish at the fishmongers to bring home in the summer time in Skagen. Sit on the harbour and enjoy freshly boiled shrimps and watch the many boats coming to Skagen.
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