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Mountain Men

No description

Dorian Cardona

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Mountain Men

Mountain Men
Mountain Men
Dorian Cardona
Armando Delgado
Cristian Vargas
Mountain Men Era
Rocky Mountain/Blazing Era
•Rockies form at Canada and goes
through central New Mexico.
Beaver Hats
•Mountain Men lived in the mountains like a pioneer in the early American West
• Era of Mountain Men ran from 1810 through 1880's and 1840's was their prime.
Trapping Beaver
• The highest peak is Mt.Albert
* It's was a annual gathering of mountain men.
* It's held by a fur trading company at which trappers and mountain men sold their furs and hides and replenished their supplies.
•Trailblazing is marking outdoor recreational areas with blazes.
* It was known to be a lively, joyous place.
-Beaver traps
-Powder horn and bullet pouch
-Butcher knife
-Hawken rifle
-1803 Harper Ferry rifle
* Most of the time they ate buffalo flesh, elk, deer, bear, antelope, panther, and other similar animals.
* When they were starving sometimes they drank the animals blood(tasting like warm milk), ate the bloody brains raw, and sometimes devoured a females bison's unborn fetus.

-Cache: a safe place, often hidden, for storage of food and other supplies
-Carrot: a bundle of tobacco, rapped in line- shaped, rapped with cord thus forming a crescent-shaped bundle
-Factor: chief or a trading post o trading party
-Pass: a passage through range of mountains

•The Mountain Men's main goal was to hunt for fur.
•Beaver hats are made from felted beaver fur.
•Beavers were almost extinct when Beaver pelts were highly demanded in Europe.
•Beaver Hats were lame after silk became vogue.
* Mountain men usually wore a lot of buckskins to keep warm in the winter.
* They would wear moccasins as their shoes.
* They wore beaver or raccoon hats to keep their head warm.
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