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Recruitment Process

No description

Mike Spaulding

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Recruitment Process

RECRUITING Requisition Approval Hiring Manager:
- Identifies need
- Builds job description
- Works with department head, HRBP, & FP&A for budget approval Kickoff Meeting Hiring Manager and Recruiter will discuss:
- Position need & requirements
- Create candidate profile
- Create scorecard based off candidate profile
- Identify interview process (including testing)
- Identify hiring panel & their objectives
- Discuss timelines and target dates
- Build position scorecard Pipeline Development Recruiter
- Advertise
- Company career site
- Job boards
- Social Media
- Source
- Resume Databases
- Networks/Usergroups
- Internal & Boomerangs Pre Screening Recruiter:
- Screen each candidate by phone, skype, f2f
- Fact check and identify gaps, etc...
- Identify target salary, relocation, etc..
- Passion for industry, customer, subject matter
- Sale the opportunity
- Set expectations
- Submit qualified candidates to Hiring Manager 1st Interview conducted by Hiring Manager
- Can be done by phone, Skype or F2F

Recruiter will coordinates interview.

Hiring Manager to provide feedback to Recruiter within 48 hours of the interview.

Roundtable scheduled shortly after all interviews to recap current candidates and choose 2nd Interview 2nd Interview 2nd interview is on site with Interview team selected during the Kickoff Meeting Recruiter to coordinate interview; travel if necessary Roundtable w/ interview team conducted within 24 hours of final interview What does an interview team look like Interview team will consist of 4-8 people including:
- Manager
- Department head
- Peers/Team
- Cross-department representative
- HR/Recruiter to end the day

Interviews to last between 45-60min
Some positions will require group presentations Offer - Once a candidate is selected. The Hiring Manager will work with HRBP for an appropriate offer.
- FP&A will give approval to ensure it is still within budget
- HRBP will draft the offer letter and send to Hiring Manager and Recruiter
- Recruiter or Hiring Manager will present offer On-boarding - HRBP to send Jira ticket
- HRBP sends candidate new hire email
- Desk set up by TBD
- Hiring manager and Recruiter keep in touch until start date
- Hiring Manager to have 1st week laid out.
- Day 1 orientation at West Valley DC 1st Interview Priorities Tier 1
Director of Program Management
Executive Assistant - Engineering
Software Engineer (13)
UX Designer (2)
SEO Manager Tier 2
Affiliate Marketing Program Manager
Advertising Program Manager
Buyer - Bike Accessories
DevOps Engineer
Flash Sales Merchandising Manager
Merchandise Planner
Product Manager - Supply Chain
Product Manager - Cart & Checkout
Sr. Network Engineer
UI Developer
Tier 3
Accounting Clerk I
Assistant Buyer - Footwear/ASR
Copywriter - Bike
Copywriter - ASR
Content Support Specialist - Bike
Email Marketing Program Coordinator
Flash Sales Programmer
Paid Search Analyst
Product Manager - Test
Sr. Product Manager -Outdoor
BI Engineer (still awaiting approval) Not in my realm
HRBP - Engineering
VP of Talent/HR
Director of UX
Currently: 42 openings Timeline Pipeline development/Pre-Screen
14 days
Interview Stage
14-30 days

A candidate should not be in the interview stage longer than 30 days unless schedules push it out
Expectations Candidate:
Can expect to be contacted within 14 days of their application
Can expect to be contacted within 7 days of their interview
Can expect to receive a candidate within 14 days of a kickoff meeting
Can expect interviews to be scheduled within 48 hours after providing feedback to the recruiter
Can expect feedback from the manager with 48 hours of an interview
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