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CV prezi

Job application prezi for the Senior Designer position

Gabor Hoffer

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of CV prezi

I look like this
this is what I do
this is what I'm crazy about
Solid Xhtml, CSS2-3 and
sitebuilding experience
Custom templates, modules,
anything related to Joomla since 1.0
From business cards, company
identities to websites and UI
Complete DB handling and some
PHP skills, mostly small tasks.
Strong understanding of AS code
and awesome animations
Been part of development projects,
skills related to UI design
Medium understanding of HTML5,
mostly through mobile UI dev.
From SEF sitebuild to advising text,
keywords, analysis
Tinódi Lantos S. Primary School
Weiner Leó Music School
Since then, I'm sure music is connected with everything
Leöwey Klára High School
/ Math - IT
/ later even teaching these
University of Pécs
/ BA - IT engineer
University of Pécs
/ BA - IT teacher
This is where I started working freelance as a webdesigner, and at the last year at college, I decided, that I should learn arts and crafts to master my skillset.
Back then we had a band called Jom&Terry, happy years.
Co&Co Communication Ltd.
/ Design, development, IT
Moholy-Nagy University
/ MA - Industrial design
(in progress)
This is where I moved for work, and to be what I wanted to be.
This is where I learned the most about design, typography, user experience, project management, and of couse implementing these into projects.
I had a strong direct relationship with clients, and co-workers.
Moholy-Nagy University
/ Teaching design in Flash, PS, Corel to ID students
I moved here with my wife, and commuting to Bp. since then
A nice community, and a good place to live and raise chidren.
I have been a teacher in the primary school here back in 2007.
But that's all technical...
What I really do is
Design solutions to our client's problems, and I'm even able to implement most of them.
Build a bridge between clients, developers, designers, and the users.
Yeah I can code too...
my lovely mutt...
The Chinese ones are my fav.
Especially Mike Mignola.
But active style...
an example project follows
you can find some of my references at

I worked on many projects during my active years, but maybe this university project can describe what my workflow and thinking is.
This was only a brief introduction...
Let's see some concepts
Hope this wasn't that boring...
But it makes a good example
What I'm capable of is
to understand, that coding is as creative as art.
to be able to communicate and mediate those who can't.
to design and to code at the same time.
to be a valuable part of a team, and to be a little too optimistic
to commit myself to my work
Please feel free to contact me on any of these
0036 70 4503416
If you're watching this, there's not much back I promise...
Hang on!
This concept is made to be usable by healthy people or those with several disabilities, reachable, understandable, universal.
Don't be surprised if you see washing machines, those were the subject of the project...
I'd love to be part of what you do.
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