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Tobacco Free Lifestyle

No description

Taylor Nelson

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of Tobacco Free Lifestyle

Tobacco Free Lifestyle; Live The Better Life

Zoom in.
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and present...
Everday effects take place in many categroical ways that impact teens in every way possible from the use and abuse of tobacco. Why would you want to risk major changes in your life that will negatively leave you
put in dangerous positions in you're life?... Ways
this might affect you may be...
Taylor Nelson
Don't try for yourself to see... Remember drug free is the key.
Now what kind of life do you want to live?... Teenagers live lives everday that are constantly pressured and/or influenced to be part of something new that we don't nescessairly want. Maybe some of us do, maybe some don't. But its not about trying it the first time, it's the continuous addictions to it and what effects are left on lives. So why try figthting the use of it once you're addicted, fight the use before even trying it.
Social Life
Family & Friend Interpertations
Decisions & Thoughts
Future Opportuinities
Do you want to be part of this percentage...
Every day more than 2,500 kids under 18 try smoking for the very first time. Typically data isn't collected for kids under 12, but once it was, stastics shown early ages of trying their first use of tobacco starting even earlier. In 2013, around 5% percent of eighth grade students had said they had tried their first cigarette by the end of fifth grade (ages 10 to 11), while 14.8% had tried smoking by the end of eighth grade. More than one-fourth (28.7%) of twelfth grade students reported having used cigarettes by the end of tenth grade.
A nationwide survey occured in 2013 and concluded almost one in ten high shcool students (9.3%) had smoked at least one cigarette before they were 13. The 2014 nationwide Monitoring the Future Study concluded that more than one out of every three twelfth grade students (34.4%) and more than one out of every five tenth grade students (22.6%) had ever tried smoking at all. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 80 percent of all adult smokers begin smoking before the age of 18; and more than 90 percent do so before leaving their teens.

Every day 580 kids who have previously experimented with cigarettes become new regular, daily smokers. Why is this? Nicotine. Nicotine is a VERY HIGHLY addictive psychoactive drug. Kids & teens who are experimenting with it, are much more vulnerable to its effects due to presently going through bodied growth and development. These effects can begin after wweks of even possibly days of a regular use of tobacco which result in feeling the need of dpendance on this drug. This could be after you first ever inhale it. Smokers usually become dependent on nicotine and suffer physical and emotional (mental or psychological) withdrawal symptoms when they stop smoking. These symptoms include irritability, nervousness, headaches, and trouble sleeping. When tobacco is smoked, nicotine causes this physical and psychological dependency; this is what leads to relapse after quitting.

Early exposure to such an addictive drug like tobacco with nicotine, it can negatively impact anyones brain development and have big implications for future tobacco use and smoking-related harms. Nearly half of adult smokers transition to regular, daily smoking before age 18; and more than three-quarters become regular, daily smoking before they turn as early as 21.
While some kids will quit smoking before leaving high school, the majority will try to quit and fail. Many have tried quitting, but due to its addictive power of nicotine, will leave temporary and even permanent results.

Forty percent of teen smokers have tried to quit % failed. Two-thirds of teen smokers want to quit where 70% say that they would have never started smoking. Most teen smokers start using tobacco before they even graduate high school because they think it can help with panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and depression; when really it only starts them. Approximately 1.5 million packs of cigarettes are prchased for minors anually. Why woudl you want to be one of them?

WHAT if the effects of tobacco on the inside were shown exactly on the outside; would you still use tobacco?
So whats your target in life? What do you want to do with yourself? Where do you want to end up? What road do you want to take...
For those who dont smoke and aren't users of tobacco, they can have a view of seeing what negatives come from its use and abuse. We can watch lives of teens everyday decrease and be put in more and more danger. But for its users we dont know their feelings.
Tobacco creates pleasant feelings that make the smoker want to smoke more. It acts on the chemistry of the brain and central nervous system, affecting the smoker’s mood and emotions.
Nicotine in tobacco works very much like other addicting drugs, by flooding the brain’s reward circuits with dopamine (a chemical messenger). Nicotine also gives you a little bit of an adrenaline rush – not enough to notice, but enough to speed up your heart and raise your blood pressure. This feeling they get of first trying it will increase their resting heart rates to 20 to 30 beats per minute.
Inhalation of tobacco smoke causes several immediate responses within the heart and blood vessels. Within one minute the heart rate begins to rise, increasing by as much as 30% during the first 10 minutes of smoking. But it is a poison, and a large dose of nicotine can kill by stopping the muscles a person uses to breathe.

About 70% of smokers say they want to quit and about half try to quit each year, but only 4% to 7% succeed without help. Smokers also may use tobacco to help manage unpleasant feelings and emotions, which can become a problem for some smokers when they try to quit. All of these factors make smoking a hard habit to break.
Eventually tobacco will kill you because it can stop the muscles a person uses to breathe. Carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke exerts its negative effects by reducing the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. But this dangerous drug reaches the brain within seconds after taking a puff. The effects will wear off thus giving the user the need to do it again.
This is the perspective a user of tobacco has; the excitment of using it again continuously until there is nothing you can do about it. Why would you want to be part those teens in the position of addiction experiencing such drastic effects. Their perspective being under influence and dependance doesn't show them what they're doing to themselves. Why would you want to do this to yourself?

#1 - Do you feel Ancaster High in
general is a population that has taken a positive stand with regard to
choices relating to marijuana? Do many use?

I think Ancaster High School overall has taken a positive stand of relations regarding marijuana. Ancaster has
shown the consequences, stated the results of doing it, and even possibly what the charges might be. Under no circumstances
does the school influence the use of marijuana but it does showcase to anyone who does use them, what the aftermath effects could
be so teens understand (the posters outside office shwoig concerning consequences to be aware of). They do take positive views on which
provides a safe place to those who dont use drugs. I do not think many use, however I do think many use/abuse other everday drugs. Many teens
could be under the influnce of using marijuana but may not nescessary use a drug like that and possibly more accessible drugs. Regardless of not using marijuana or other drugs, it doesnt affect the positve take Ancaster High has on drug use.

#2 - If a grade 9 student fell in the "TRAP" of trying marijuana for the first time and became a regular user at school and at home, what issues would
he/she have to face over the next few years? Discuss three issues that may change his her life?

If a grade 9 student fell in the trap of trying marijuana and continuously used it, issues she'd have to face are social, mental, and physical issues overall. Struggling through high school can be hard enough for many teens, but when other problems occur it could make the matter worse. Firstly, socially their life would change because not only would you have to deal with the interpertation you're family has on you and what their thoughts are on it, but what changes occur in your friends and social groups. Not all friends want to be involved with those under bad impressions which can definitely impact the next few years. Secondly, this can be affected mentally. Marijuana can effect you decisions and thoughts which can lead to change in education. When being under the high & feeling of marijuana, you aren't mentally in reality and dont always act yourself. This is when you can end up skipping classes, failing classes, not doing work, etc. Mentally your life would negatively be impact especailly for
the future decisions over the next few years. Lastly, physically your health will change in the short term or even long term. From the use of marijuana there are health
impacts which leave your mind and body in dangerous ways that majorly change you physically over the next few years of high school.

#3 - How has the Gr. 9 student been prepared (Elementary School) to battle the pressure of marijuana? What are the most important
concepts learned in Gr. 8?

Grade 9's are prepared for to battle the pressure of marijuana in grade 8. They are told about the social aspect of it and how friends change and how
we are part of a much different environment in high school and we should understand what goes on. We are prepared by going through many
health units that which explain concerns we should be aware of. We learn the effcts of drugs on mnay different factors, etc.. The most
important cocepts learned are obviosuly the main key before anything; ABSTAIN. By abstaining under all circumstances you're
eliminating any dangers due to not being involved in any way with drugs like marijuana. Another main concept is is
responsibility of actions. If you monitor what you choose to do with you're life and do what you think is right by
sticking with the right crownd, not being a follower, making your own desicion you're likely to be able to
cope with the pressure of marijuana. Another concept if worst comes to worse we are taught,
is if you do fall into using drugs, be sure to know the effects and how to handle
them if you end up being in that position.
Teens Reasons Of Using Tobacco
Teens Even Exposed To Tobacco On School Grounds...
Tobacco is an agricultural crop that is grown al over the world and runs through a billion dollar industry. It is mde up of the insanely addictive ingredient; nicotine, a stimulant, but also has more than 4,000 other chemicals (2,000 of which are known to be poisonous) are premade into the most common; cigarettes.

This stimulant triggers many complex biochemical and neurotransmitter disruptions to the body whcih can all occur in different ways. Tobacco can be processed, dried, rolled, and smoked as cigarettes, cigars, bidis, clove cigarettes, kreteks, lossely smoked in pipes and hookahs, and chewing tobacco.
Short-Term Effects Of Tobacco

Bad breath
Bad taste in mouth
Smelly hair and clothes
Yellow and brown stains on teeth
Lost athletic ability
Damage to the respiratory system
Addiction to nicotine
Risk of other drug use
Decreased lung capacity
Limited lung growth and function if used in youth
Elevated heart rate
Chronic cough
Increased incidence of bronchitis
Increased incidence of asthma and more severe asthma
Shortness of breath
Persisten cough wth sputum

Short-Term Effects Of Chewing Tobacco

Bad breath
Bad taste in mouth
Excess saliva production – drooling
Stained teeth
Stains on clothes
Addiction to nicotine
Receding gums (gums pull away from teeth)
Permanent gum loss
Sensitive teeth
Increased risk of tooth decay
Sores, white and red patches, and lumps in mouth (these may be precancerous)
Long-Term Effects Of Tobacco

Overall Effects;
Death, Coronoary Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Lung Disease, Cancer (lung, larynx, mouth, pancreas, kidney, bladder, espohagus, stomach, cervix, upper respiratory tract), Reproductive Damage, Birth Defects, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension (highblood pressure), Numbness In Hands & Feet, Congestive Heart Failure, Blocked Blood Vessels, Gum Disease

Improves Risks Of;
Heart Attacks, Strokes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (Pulomonary Damage), Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, HIV, Infections, Buerger's Disease

Reproductive Damage;
abnormal sperm cells, impotence, difficulty maintaining pregnancy, menstrual disorders and early menopause, birth defects

Other Damage;
prematurely wrinkled skin, permanent gum and tooth loss, lost or weakened sense of taste, weakened immune system, stomach ulcers, unwanted weight loss.

Any teen that is under use of marijuana will experinence
effects of tobacco. In the present, effects will be less impacting, but in the long run they will have many more problems to worry about... Tobacco users from teenage years are likely said to loose an average of 13-20 years of life by an average of 11 minutes per cigarette. Tobacco use is the single greatest cause of preventable death globally. Starting smoking earlier in life and smoking cigarettes higher in tar increase risk of these diseases. Also, environmental tobacco smoke, or secondhand smoke, has been shown to cause adverse health effects in people of all ages.
Teens First Use Of Tobacco
would it be to
live a life
where you don't
have to
constantly deal
with these
dramatic problems
that only make your
life worse while
shortening it. But then it
comes to terms with why would
you want to be? Whats it to you?
Well I'll tell you...

Well overall you get to feel better about yourself.
You can become a role model for family and friends living a healthy life.
More energy for work and play.
You'll have whiter teeth & fresher breath.
Everything is cleaner-smelling.
Major decreasing risk of serious illnesses.
Freedom from the restrictions of what smoking causes.
Saving money off of not buying.
Lower blood pressure & pulse.
Imporved body circulation.
Improved lung & heart function.
Better sense of taste & smell.
Drastic increase in length of life.
Better physical appearance (less future wrinkles).
No more yellow/brown fingernails.
Improved education.
You're friends are friends with you because of you are, not because you smoke.
Freedom from the addiction.
More time for other things.
Much lower chance of cancer & diseases.























Scenerio 1.0
One night, it was the end of grade 10 and my friend had invited me to a party to celebrate it being summer. I was unaware whos party it was until I realized it was one of my old friends boyfriends party at his house so I said what the heck and decided to go. My paernts allowed it as long as i wasn't in an environemnt with bad influences whcih I figured I wasn't. I have never been a party person, I don't drink, don't do drugs but I went with my close friends because I figured it would be fun. The night went on and I was having a lot of fun everything seemed to be going fine until it got a bit later and students from older grades started to come that nobody knew nor were they invited. My friends and I stayed regardless but that might have been the wrong desicion. On of my friends left our group and had to go the washroom so he put his cup down and went and we learned that was also a bad idea. We found out the boyfriend of my friend, whos party it was, put alcohol in his drink. My friend came back and he drank it but about 20 minutes later was very drunk and he reacted to it immensly. He started doing things he never would have done if he was sober, running around and into walls, breaking things, etc.. It came to a point where he started hanging out with the older students at the party where he was offered drugs.
We found our friend with them and right away smelt drugs and marijuana and we had to try and get our friend out of the situation he was in because we knew the trouble he'd be in and how he'd regret it. I started to get worried about him and how the party might have been a bad idea to begin with but we were all getting stressed and could only imagine the punishment his parents would give him. Our own friend and the older guys he was with started to offer us cigarettes; they were telling us to relax and take one, to stop worrying that he will be fine by tomorrow morning. They continued to pressure us into trying it which was where one of my friends; she gave in and take one. We didn't understand why when she knew the consequences and effects of taking it. She figured she'd appear as cooler to the older teenagers but I knew it really wasn't. My friends and I had to remove oursleves from this situation and party knowing it had drugs present. We passively said yes to do no harm to us due to them being also drunk, walked away and I decided to call his parents because we didn't want to put ourselves in a worse position.
There were psoitives and negatives of this desicion... The negatives were that our friend is now put in a place where he will have to deal with the consequences his parents give him. Also, we are shown to have been part of a bad environement with drugs and alochol even though we explained we didnt intend on that. Neatively this could impact us socially by leaving the party early due to the situation. The positives were that we escaped the situation with no effects on us especailly to our health. Also, a positive of this choice is we didn't have o deal any longer with the peer pressure of anyone trying to influence us to do anything we weren't comfortable doing. I overcame this obstacle in a path to a tobacco/marijuana free lifestyle by abstaining and getting out of the spot I was in by making a good desicion based on my previous knowledge.
Five positives overall based on my desicion was I helped my friend not end up in a worse problem then it already was. I followed my own thoughts and didnt take anything from anyone. We got home safe from an adult we trusted that was sober and under no impression of drug use. I didn't fall into peer pressure of any kind. I was resposible and made the desicion of leaving party not worrying socially about anything but more concerned of my health and safety. I made the desicions of got out of a scenerio leading a marijuana/tobacco free lifestyle.
(based on a true story)
October 2015
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