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5 Themes

No description

Steven Kidd

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of 5 Themes

5 Themes of Geography
Why 5 themes?
Used by geographers to
organize or categorize

Location, Location

Where is it?
Why is it located there?

2 types
Absolute- pinpoints locations using latitude and longitude
Relative- describes a location by explaining what it is near

Describes the characteristics of a location
Physical characteristics (desert, trees, weather, mountains)
Human characteristics (language, jobs, architecture, etc.)

Explains how people, goods and ideas get from place to place

Helps people understand relationships amongst places

Used to make comparisons or group places based on similarities

Places can be grouped based on many factors/similarities like language, physical features, production, religion, etc.

Place can be part of multiple regions at once

Human Environment

How people affect their environment and how it affects them

Can be negative or positive, recreational, economic, survival, etc.

Vocabulary Warm Up
Copy these terms and definitions down on your yellow vocabulary sheet and make your best guess definitions:
Hemisphere- half of the earth

Grid- Evenly spaced horizontal and vertical lines on a map

Coordinates- a set of numbers that describes the exact location of a place on a grid

If you finish your vocabulary please try to start the city zoo side of "Understanding Grids"
Warm Up
What interactions did you have with the environment this weekend?
Warm Up
Place your Geography Dictionary on your desk.

Copy this question down:

One term that the gallery walk helped me to better understand was…


Research the following:
1. Find the place of manufacturing for two entertainment objects or appliances.

2. Ask your parents if they know where your family immigrated from.
Complete your Lorax handout
Warm Up
I am greatly affected by the world outside of my community
every single day!

Strongly Agree, Somewhat Agree, Somewhat Disagree, Strongly Disagree

Explain your position!
Read the following statement and choose a position
Warm Up #1
Pair with a shoulder buddy. Each of you should create a cause and effect chart in your spiral:

1. With your partner brainstorm and complete one cause and effect relationship that has to do with our environment.

2. Be prepared to share the cause and effect relationship you came up with as well as one from the Lorax.
Follow Up
Find your Mount Rushmore partner
Join another pair
Answer the following questions
Warm Up 8/26
Find 1-3 classmates and lay your maps out together.
Together, answer the following questions in your spiral:
1. What patterns/trends (commonalities or things that happen repeatedly) do you notice when looking at multiple maps at the same time? Describe at least two.
2. Make some inferences!!! What might be the cause of some of these trends/patterns?
3. Are we a global village? Will we become more of a global village or less of one in the future? What factors will influence this?
Warm Up
1. Gather in groups based on...
Creating a Map
1. Look at various maps of the US
2. Create borders (making at least 6-10 areas) for the US based on information from thematic maps.
3. Share your map.
4. Create a map on poster paper with a trio
5. Create a title and then write a rationale explaining why you created your borders where you did.
6. Post your map
Warm Up- Vocab
Weather- day-to-day changes in the temperature, cloudiness, rainfall, etc.

Climate- weather over a long period of time

Take 5 minutes to add sentences and pictures to your past vocabulary entries.
Latitude- horizontal lines on a map that are measured up and down like climbing a ladder

Longitude- vertical lines on a map that are measured side to side
Binder Tabs

Unit Materials
Maps from Memory

Read the handout and answer the following questions in your spiral. Make sure to put the date, and to answer in complete sentences, restating the question in your answer.
Warm Up 8/21/14 :
1. What is the starting point when measuring latitude?
2. What else do geographers call lines of latitude?
3. What's another name for lines of longitude?
4. Which of the types of lines meets at the North and South Poles?
5. Which type of line is measured north or south of a starting point?
Vocabulary-Write these terms and definitions on your blue vocabulary sheet!
Tropic lines-
lines at 23.5 degrees north (Cancer) and 23.5 degrees south (Capricorn)

Arctic and Antarctic Circle- lines at 66.5 degrees North (Arctic) and 66.5 degrees South (antarctic).

Warm Up 8/20/15
1. Grab an UNDERSTANDING LAT. and LONG paper.
2. Number your page 1-4 in spiral
3. Answer each question in your spiral making sure to restate the question in your answer.
Warm Up 8/28
1. Grab a copy of locating Cities
2.Complete numbers 4-7 in section A and B
3. Make sure to write in your spiral
HEI Pics

Tape your pics to the appropriate poster
HEI Writing
In your spiral...
Warm Up- Vocabulary

Make your best guess definition on your yellow vocab sheets for the following terms:




What's it like there?
Warm Up 8/21/17
In your spiral...
Make a list of 12-15 words that describe Colorado (see, hear, do).
No words like pretty, etc.
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