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although it takes 100 years for one tree to grow it only tak

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starr ozornia

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of although it takes 100 years for one tree to grow it only tak

unless we don't stop cutting the rainforest the animals will be come extinct. therefore i think we should stop cutting down trees and plants. i recommendation again we should think before we do.
saving the rainforest
If we keep cutting trees we wont have oxygen and we need oxygen. according to author what ever happens to plants affect the world. the plants make oxygen and its called the lung of the plant and it stores carbon dioxide n releasise oyxgen. this makes us think if we destory the plants we WILL lose oyxgen.
if we dont cut trees just ( harveste) the production we will save some of the rainforest and get more food . the evidence is sent we have products we have coffe, corn, rice, ginger, chocolate, bannanas, beans, mangos, and many more types of food that have nutrience. if we just save the trees we can have more trees grow we will save the 20% of rainforest we have lost.and save more animals.
the kinds of animals that live in sernten layers of the forest and if we cut the rainforest the animals will become extentinct.the kinds of animals like birds, monkeys, green tree boa, tree frogs, kinajour andboa constrictor , fruit bats and their many many more. but if we cut the will die. i now understand that what we do is going to herm us in the future. and some thing bad will happen.and thats because if our dumb mistakes that we do.so think before we do things in future.
counter claim
Although it take 100 years for one tree to grow, it only takes 20 minutes to cut it down.
reason one
reason two
reason 3
even if you need to have jobs choping timber we need to save the rainforest . however i think we need to save the trees but if we cut them downone tre we should plant anonther every time.
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