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No description

Lisa Anderson

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of Intersectionality

1. how systems of inequality mutually constitute and reinforce each other
2. term (Kimberle Crenshaw, 1989) names experience that had been described and written about for more than a century

Where we are now...
It is generally true that things today are better than they were in the past.
Social Groups and Social Locations
social groups
have a
social location
within a system of power relations
Advantage and disadvantage
Functions of power
Racism, classism, sexism, and heterosexism are all functions of power
All are socially constructed, even though they may seem natural
All work through binary opposition
All are categories of identity and social structures
None are fixed; the definitions can change over time
All function to normalize the dominant position
What is "intersectionality?"
1. Legal framework for the principle of equality
2. Historic social movements raised consciousness
3. Many reaped the benefits of Civil Rights legislation
But - things can be better
Social location shapes what you know
Dominant forms of knowledge are constructed from particular social locations
People belong to multiple social groups, complicating experience based on group identity.

How do these things operate together?
Structural patterns affect individuals, group interactions, and group access to power
Not about comparison
People can be advantaged in some areas and disadvantaged in others
No category is monolithic
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