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Ipod factories in CHINA

No description

Pablo Aljaro

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Ipod factories in CHINA

What is the effect of poor working conditions in Chinese urban manufacturing units on the health of their employees? Labor Stress Physical Stress Emotional Stress Very Strict Supervisors Physical Punishments

Embarrass Employees Low Wage $1.30 U.S Dollars Daily

$38.87 U.S Dollars Monthly Time of Work 15 hours of daily work

6 days a week

They are forced to do extra shifts.

Forced extra time work to earn additional money. Physical Stress + Emotional Stress + Labor Stress = 14 suicides in the past 18 months. Unethical Exercises Morning Exercises consist of Push-Ups and others.

It is very similar to military training. Lack of Hygiene 100 people sleep per room

Clothes are washed in pails of water Poor farmers come to the city to earn more than what they get at home, in rural areas. They do not manage, however, to help their families as much as they hoped. Isolated from the Exterior No visitors Not even can the mother, the father, siblings, or close people can come in. Surveillance cameras and guards watch the main gates Foxconn is surrounded by barbed wires. (In response, Foxconn made an anti-suicide contract for employees) A worker, before suicide because he lost an iPad Prototype. It looks fancy, doesn't it? Explosion. 3 deaths. Suicide. 1 of 14. This is not a movie. We need a Change. TheFitnessDude. "Push up Training." Ask The Fitness Dude. Ask The Fitness Dude, 2011. Web. 03 June 2011. <http://www.askthefitnessdude.com/push-up-training/>. Chang, Chris. Report From Foxconn’s Hell Factory." Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide. Newspapers Southern, 19 May 2010. Web. 03 June 2011. . Admin. "“No Money” To “No Money Limits”." Smart Blog for Smart World. 19 July 2010. Web. 03 June 2011. . Chen, Brian X. "Employee Survey Labels Gadget Maker Foxconn a ‘Prison’." Wired. Condé Nast Digital, 12 Oct. 2010. Web. 03 June 2011. <http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/10/foxconn-prison/>. Moses, Asher. "Terrified Chinese IPhone Worker Kills Himself after Prototype Misplaced." Theage.com.au. Fairfax Media, 22 July 2009. Web. 03 June 2011. . Paul C. "Orwellian Control." Quoteflections. Blogger, 17 June 2010. Web. 03 June 2011. . Macleod, Sean. "Explosion at Foxconn Facility May Cause IPad 2 Delays." WirelessGround.com Blog. WirelessGround.com, 20 May 2011. Web. 03 June 2011. . (U.S.A) 32 14 "United States Minimum Wage By State 2011 | Minimum-Wage.org." Minimum Wage Rates, History, and Labor Law Info. Web. 26 May 2011. . Fernando, Vincent. "Another Foxconn Employee Jumps To His Death Just Hours After Chairman Gou Promises A Solution." Business Insider SAI. Business Insider, Inc, 27 May 2010. Web. 07 June 2011. . This is one of the many problems, because people respond to the big Apple logo instead of the other music industries. Justify. Inform - Cheap labour is available. - Majority of Foxconn employees are farmers that
have moved into the city. - Main factory is located in Longhua, China. - Run by a company called Foxconn. - Work for 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. - No family or friends allowed to see workers. - Foxconn has ALOT of influence over the Chinese government. Should we care? - Governments job is to protect the general welfare. - The government passed a law stating, "...the legislationlimits overtime, sets minimum wages and requires one month's pay for each year worked for dissmissed employees..." (New York Times) - Government still needs to do more to protect their rights. - Hygenic lavatories, increased wage, work pressure
decrease, and NO MORE SUICIDES! By:
Pablo Aljaro
Nicolas Herzberg
Matilda Nelson
Elise Nelson
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