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The Design Process

No description

Tammy Rastigue

on 16 April 2018

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Transcript of The Design Process

The Design Process

Design is the process that is used to systematically solve problems.
Design Process
The design process is a specific method used to develop many possible solutions to solve a problem.

It is used to narrow down the possible solutions to a final choice.

The design process is never final. There are always multiple solutions to a problem and reworking the design.
Design Process - 6 Steps
1. Define a Problem
2. Generate Concepts
3. Develop a Solution
4. Construct and Test Prototype
5. Evaluate the Solution
6. Present the Solution
1. Define the Problem
What are you trying to innovate or invent?
Does it satisfy a need or want?
Examine prior solutions.
Prove there is a problem
Is it worth solving?
Identify criteria and constraints.
Design Brief
Criteria and Constraints
are required features for the project.
Example: Must use a specific material
are limitations to the project/design.
Example: Money, size, time
Design Brief
A written plan that identifies a problem to be solved, its criteria, and its constraints.
Used to encourage thinking of all aspects of a problem before attempting a solution.
2. Generate Concepts
Brainstorm possible solutions
Select an approach
Decision Matrix

Decision Matrix
A tool used to compare design solutions against one another, using specific criteria.
3. Develop a Solution
Create a detailed design solution
Create technical drawings using Autodesk
4. Construct and Test a Prototype
Engineers build a
to test their solution
Plan your test
Check performance
Usability, durability
Test your prototype
Collect test data
Analyze test data
5. Evaluate the Solution
Test the design solution and evaluate the results.
Does anything need to be improved?
Make modifications to the design
Does the design solve the problem?
6. Present the Solution
Document the project
Show test results
Communicate the project
Formal Presentation
Why Do Engineers Use the Design Process?
To be sure they have the best solution to a problem after eliminating the other solutions through testing.
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