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New Balance, Out of Step?

No description

Brittnee Trylovich

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of New Balance, Out of Step?

New Balance
Founded in 1906

Image by Tom Mooring
Our goal is to help you achieve yours
Andrea Bishop, Brittnee Trylovich, Martha Wade, Courtney Jenkins

"Let's challenge the conventions of the industry"
Jim and Anne Davis
"The innovation of our teams, combined with our values, is the reason we have grown."
Rob Demartini
Chairman and Vice Chairman
President and Chief Executive Officer
Company Analysis
No waste....
Social Responsibility
New Balance
New Balance, Out of Step?

Explain the consumer decision-making process when purchasing a new pair of sneakers?
Utilitarian: Sneakers

Hedonic: Design
Consumption Process
-Need the shoes

-Want certain shoes

-Money for the shoes

-Cost of time
Relationship Quality

-Switching Behavior

-Customer Share

-Customer Commitment
Internal Influences
External Influences


-Level of Motivation


-Social Norms


-Family Influence

-Situational Influence
What is the customer's motivation for wanting to have the customized pair of 875 New Balance sneakers? Explain.
Visit three stores selling sneakers.
Describe how the atmosphere
differ across stores. Why do these difference exist?
Would you want a pair?
New Balance
Political: Environment:
-Government trade policies and regulations -Decreased disposable incomes
-Labor laws -Material and labor costs on the rise
-Unstable international economy

Socioeconomic: Technology:
-Health conscious lifestyles -Shoe material development
-Increased international labor and factory standards -Fitness equipment
-Fluctuating exchange rates
Strengths: Weaknesses:
-"The" experience -Very limited product variation
-Working with the environment -Expensive with a small brand loyalty
-Global branding -Brand awareness

Opportunities Threats:
-Using more endorsements -Big brands, Nike and Adidas
-Inform the public of their goals -Limited product
-Grow with the new technology offered
The End...

Thanks for listening!
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