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Project Life cycle and database_OPC training

No description

Sucheta Arora

on 16 May 2015

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Transcript of Project Life cycle and database_OPC training

can propose a project?
AID wide Projects Team (PT)
Not approved
Communicate decision to your primary contact, i.e. the person who sent you the proposal

Remove your chapter from the project entry
We are trying to add another chapter status "Not Approved" in future
Project proposal and budget

Meeting minutes for vote

Projects database entry number (must have the site visit report)

Updated NGO entry (with all the documents required for pre-screening

NGO contact/bank details (if needed)
Project Life Cycle and
AID projects DB
(part of OPC orientation call)

Life Cycle
Site visit

New NGOs
AID partners
Is the project
from a new NGO?
New NGOs need to be pre-screened and entered in projects db
Aligned with AID's principles?
Legal requirements fulfilled?
FCRA document (must!!)
NGO registration document (must!!)
Annual reports of last 3 years
Audited financial reports of last 3 years
List of Board of directors/ Trustees/ Executive Body member
Documents required for pre-screening
Send to projects@aidindia.org
Please send us the required documents
Start here
Project entry in the database
Can be created only after NGO entry is made

A chapter OPC or PT member can make the project entry and "
submit for approval

Once approved the project status is "
" and visible in the
Distributions list
To take up the project for review, OPC needs to fill the
Chapter specific
sections in the entry using "
edit draft
The project status now becomes "
Review or Partial Review
Review at the Chapter
Identify an interested volunteer to be the Project Coordinator (PC)
Add them as Project coordinator to the database entry, to give them edit access

PC presents the project in chapter CSH for review

Make sure a site visit is conducted in the last two years
After the CSH discussions, the project proposal is put up for vote
Format of the voting resolution

A quorum of volunteers needed to vote
Who can vote? - Refer to AID by laws (available on AID Ghar)

Yes, No, Abstain

Results: Not approved OR Approved for funding
Approved for funding
Update the project database entry
Chapter status to '
Ready for CRF
The budget amount approved
Upload CSH presentation, any Q&A with the NGO, CSH approval minutes, site visit report (if not there already)

PC and chapter treasurer file Check Request Form (CRF) in the
new AID Treasury Database!
Email to project team for approval

Communicate decision to the NGO
To make the project entry you will:

Write summary of the project scope, goals and past achievements (as applicable)
*This information is public, once the project is funded. Please be mindful of that.

Upload following documents
*(not public)
Site visit report (if available)
Report of last year (if it is a continuing project)
Make sure corresponding NGO entry is complete

Submit for approval
(very important)
Point of contact between the volunteers and the NGO

Presents and facilitates discussion on the issue and the work proposed by the NGO

Takes care of the administrative work for the project (database entry, file CRF, receipt)

Keep in touch with NGO post approval for updates and reports

Who is that?
Project Coordinator
Why visit the site?
Gain in person understanding of the project

Understand the local socio-economic conditions and cultural fabric of the benefactors

Creates and sustains the precious connection that AID has with the communities where we work

Broadens our understanding of nature of the problems faced by our NGO partners working at the ground level

Personally enriches and is a transformational opportunity to learn from direct experience
CRF Checklist
Post approval
Continuous engagement with the NGO partner
NGO-AID google groups

Mid year review of project work
Goals achieved
Any changes in the issue addresses and/or methodology

Involve volunteers beyond monetary support

Prepare material to showcase the project work

PT member will create the NGO entry in the database
Once created by PT, OPCs can edit the NGO entry
Update the NGO documents every year as needed
Post NGO approval
Post CRF approval
Treasury team wires funds after approval of the CRF by Projects team
Accompanied with a cover letter

NGO sends a receipt to aid.receipts@gmail.com, and the concerned PCs

After receiving the receipt from the NGO,
Update the chapter status to
in project database entry
The project status becomes "
Funded or Partial Funded
At this point, the db entry is public

Once the NGO entry is made, time to add the project to the database
** AID Chapter Full name Community Service Hour **
Comma separated list of attendee names
Enter physical location (or conference call/email)
1) Item 1 (Presenter, Time)
2) Item 2 (Presenter, Time)
and so on
Minutes of the Meeting
a. Should contain financial resolutions

Format for Project voting resolution:
AID "chapter full name" approves Rs. XX* towards "Full project name as given in the proposal" undertaken by "Full NGO name as in the FCRA" for the duration of “month/year to month/year” OR for the year “year”.

Votes: Yes, No and Abstain.**

*Approve funds in INR, unless the project proposal is in USD
**Do not have to include who voted what, sufficient to just include the numbers

CSH Minutes Format
AID Minutes Database
Full transcript