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My guitar project

Jade Hughes

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Balalaika

Body Parts of the Balalaika Balalaika Where the Balalaika is From The balalaika is a Russian village folk instrument. It had the purpose of entertaining people. Balalaika Bibliography http://russiapedia.rt.com/of-russian-origin/balalaika/ The balalaika is also used to play performance solos and as parts of an orchestra. The balalaika can play as prima, second alto, bass, and double bass (contra bass). http://www.wimp.com/balalaikaplay/ http://www.ilyaefimov.com/products/rusfolk/balalaika.html Here is a video of the balalaika being played. Here is another video of the balalaika being played. http://www.barynya.com/sale.stm Gusli Rozhok Traditional Russian Music The traditional music of Russia mainly consists of folk music. Some of the instruments are Kolyosnaya Lira , Gusli, Donsloy Ryley, Gudok, Russian Music also has a melody which is very important to their songs. determined by the lead singer. It can determine the lyrics, and is American Guitars and Russian Guitars Guitars from the United States are mainly made up of acoustic guitars and electric guitars. There are some specific kinds such as the ukelele, the application, the banjo, etc... Most guitars from the United States have around 6 strings while the balalaika has only 3 strings.
Guitars from the United States have bigger sound holes (if they do even have sound holes) than the balalaika. Guitars from the United States have many similar "body parts" as the balalaika.
Guitars from the United States have associating instruments (percussion, vocals) when the balalaika is played with other instruments (accordion, vocals). http://www.face-music.ch/instrum/siberia_nstrumen.html Similarities Differences Fun Facts There are many different sizes. You might have realized that there are three sides and three strings on the balalaika. Some people believe that it represents the Holy Trinity (part of religion). Balalaikas can be hand-made. A certain Russian fighter jet called a MiG 21 is also called balalaika because of the shape of its wings. Thanks for watching!!! By: Jade Hughes There is an electric balalaika. *Kazakhstan
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