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American business during WWI

social studies group project

Josi Ramirez

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of American business during WWI

1st hour American business during WWI vocabulary Mass production- The production of goods in large quantities.
War Industries Boards- U.S. government agency established on July 18 1917 during WW1 to coordinate the purchase of war supplies.
Victory Gardens- Fruit and vegetable gardens planted at private residence and at public parks in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany during WWI.
Conservation- Planned management of natural resources. Mass Production We studied that the U.S. was producing goods for the countries that were fighting and the blockade went up, so thus the U.S. only traded to countries that we were able to, which angered Germany. War Industries Board purpose Victory Gardens purpose Conservation purpose People were urged to conserve food like wheat, meat, and sugar. It was very successful that it was printed in several languages so it can spread out to all of America. Established near the end of WWI, it was used to coordinate the purchase of war supplies. It determined where the products would go and who would take them. To reduce the pressure on the public food supply being bought in from the war efforts.
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