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Non-directive Play Therapy

No description

Chris Statham

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Non-directive Play Therapy

History of Play Therapy
Types of Play Therapy
Child centered play
Gestalt play
Psychodynamic play
Brief play
Solution-focused play
Alderian play
Cognitive-Behavioral play
Axline's Eight Principles
Non-directive Play Therapy
Play Room
Helping Children in their language
Types of play therapy
Play room
1919-1930's - Anna Freud and Melanie Klein use toys in therapy with children. Klein said play had meaning, Freud said play built a relationship with the therapist
1940-1970's- Carl Rogers developed person centered therapy, his student Virginia Axline developes child centered play therapy-applied theory to school counseling and teaching
1980's-present- Play therapy programs are started at Universities, North Texas program in 1989 and the Association of Play Therapy est 1982
must develop a warm friendly relationship with the child
unconditionally accepts the child
develops a feeling of permissiveness
recognize the child's feelings expressed in play
respects the child's ability to solve problems for him/herself
does not direct the child's actions
does not hurry the therapy
established the only needed limitations to anchor therapy to reality
A therapist...

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