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The English in my life and in Spain

No description

Edgar Ricardo García Servín.

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of The English in my life and in Spain

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their Government parlamentary monarquy

your president current is Mariano Rajoy

Global population is of 46,524,943 people
National currency is the Euro

Spain is currently the tenth World Economic Power

Predominant Catholic religion
Date historic of Spain is the legendary fundation of the Cologne Fenicia of Gadir
This is known as Kingdom Spain, It is located in both Western Europe and North Africa
Spain is land of large classics authors as well as

Velázquez, Goya, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí and the literature Miguel de Cervantes, Lope de Vega, Calderón of the barca,Quevedo and Galdos

The favourite sport is soccer, basketball and cycling
The judiciary
consists of the set of courts composed of judges and magistrates
The executive power
the domestic and foreign policy and civil and military administration
The legislative power
is exercised by Parliament, a bicameral Parliament.
The English in my life and in Spain

My experience in the English
capital city Madrid

Lenguage is Spanish or castilian

The Conquest of Mexico mainly refers to the submission of the State Mexica or Azteca, by Hernan Cortes in the name of King Carlos I of Spain and in favor of the Spanish Empire in 1519 and 1521.
The national emblem is a symbol heroic, represent the kingdom of Spain
The flag of Spain is take for his your´s elements currently from 1981
The flag color´s

red flag
yellow flag

Three horizontal stripes, red, yellow and red,
the color yellow as big as red.
The national emblem sized 2/5 high sytem
of the flag whit two faces in the center

The key blogging musicians recognized.

David Bisbal
Miguel Bose.
Alejandro Sanz
Alex Ubago

English in my life
Master spoken language is personally this is
my goal and likes ...In goal´s and In personally
our likes

Englhis in my degree
The English is currently considered the most important global language
In this sense, one can say that the English language is present in almost everyone and is considered the main element of communication between diverse cultures that share few or no features in common.
The work selected in the Museun Tamayo is of Artis Eduardo Sarabia “The Plumed serpend an other parther”
Plumed serpend an other parther is the most recent instalation conceived by the artis, as a result of a personal fascination wtth the quitzal.
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