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Gambling benefits

olivia moua

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Gambling

[Gambling] [Benefits the United States] People have a better idea of gambling as an easy way to lose money but they do not know of the fact that gambling will benefit the United States economy in the long run. Money in the United States should be used how ever it is wanted
Provides Jobs **Gambling should be legalized in the states of America. *Bars *Online Shopping Casinos provide over 354,000 jobs (Payne) From March 2008 to March 2010 there was shown to be 800,000 unemployed people in the US. (USDL) [The United States could use as many jobs as possible at the moment to restore the unemployment rate.] Jobs Include: Maids (hotels)
casino owners Dealers at school training Funds Back 2 States Nevada doesnt require income tax because of -- Las vegas. If gambling became illegalized, Vegas main attraction would be shut down! Also Atlantic City! Las Vegas attracts about 3o million tourist a year Lottery gave California schools $957 million in 2007. **Legalizing gambling in all states would decrease all types of tax payments. [ ] “Law makers in at least fourteen states consider gambling as an option rather than to raise income and property tax” (Parvax) ****CASINOS NEARBY WILL ONLY ENCOURAGE GAMBLING!! Not true because there is still online gambling. Over 2,000 gambling sites today and growing If there is a dire need to gamble, it can occur in their own homes so casinos near by should not be a blame, ***Casinos will cause MORE debt problems If there is already debt, people should not be gambling even more To go to the casino is to be responsible. In a 2007 article written by Alexandra Berzon, a guy named Terrance Watanabe was in about $127 million dollars of debt and tried to blame it on tactics preformed by the casino itself. Watanabe claimed the casino had encouraged alcohol. But in the end, Watanabe still had to pay off his debt because it was his personal reasons to drink or not (Berzon) When studied and shown all the help that gambling provides, there is little to doubt it. Gambling will help communities, decrease taxes, and help provide for education. GAMBLING SHOULD BE LEGALIZED IN THE UNITED STATES
(ALL STATES TOO) If there is a gambling problem suspected there is professional help available.
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