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Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

No description

Samantha David

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

Learning Intentions & Success Criteria
What is a Learning Intention?
A learning intention is a clear,
specific goal
that students are given at the
of a lesson.

When developing a learning intention you must first ask yourself...
What do I want students to
What do I want students to
What do I want students to
be able to do

What is success criteria
of Classroom
programs reflect
implementation of

of teachers will use learning intentions and success criteria posters for a
minimum of 3 literacy
lessons per week

'Will be able to form equal groups '
You will be able to use a variety of different techniques to engage your reader in a state of suspense
Your turn...
As a stage we would like you to identify a learning intention based on the content you will be covering in any aspect of literacy for week 4.

- write a learning intention
- write a success criteria, thinking about the continuum of skills needed
How will it fit in my classroom?
Variety of different ways to implement:

- Bullseye charts (Assessment)
- Rubrics
- Formative Assessment
The Differentiation Committee has set specific
that we want all teachers to achieve.
Here are some examples of learning intentions. We want you to discuss what an appropriate success criteria would look like.
This was an understanding based learning intention.

It was one of the focus questions on our stage concept map

It was our learning intention for the week not just one lesson.
Understand how visual literacy techniques are used to create suspense
Should be scaled
Should allow students to see a progression
Needs to be clear and specific
Target needs to be set by the both the child and teacher.
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