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NovaNET Policies

HCCA NovaNET Policies

Terri McCoy

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of NovaNET Policies

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
What is NovaNET?
Internet based online delivery of high school curriculum
Work at your own Pace
Same rigorous standards
All courses require a notebook to be turned in
Are You Required to have a Notebook?
Notes may be used during testing but it isn't recommended (except History and Economics)
What about tests?
You may use an USB storage drive or save your notes to our server
Testing MUST be done at school
A score of 80 must be achieved
(except in Economics and US History B)
Test will lock after 2 attempts
Your teacher will unlock test usually after they review the material that you missed
Do we have to take a final exam?
You must complete all of your online NoveNET coursework as well as turn in all offline assignments before you take the final exam
You must pass your final exam
If you do not pass on the first attempt you may retake the exam as long as you make at least a 60
If you do not make at least a 60 on the first attempt or fail the exam more than one time remediation will be assigned
You may
use any notes on the final exam
So Why Choose NovaNET
There is no failure with NovaNET
You can get ahead
We want you here and we want you to succeed
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
HCCA NovaNET Policies
copy and paste your notes
School Procedures -Handbook
Cell Phone use is NOT allowed
Music and Headphones will not be allowed
County Dress Code must be followed
Attendance is mandatory for your success
Classroom Procedures
Students must sign the restroom log before leaving the classroom
Permission must be given by both teachers to work in other labs
Hall Passes are required
Students must follow Seating Chart
Signature pages are required to work in NovaNET Labs
Lunches will be provided by WRMS
Students will only be allowed to Charge 5.00.
Students may not have visitors or leave campus to eat lunch
Respect All HCCA Staff
HCCA is a Bully free Zone
You will not be allowed to retake a final exam until an one day review period has been completed.
Progress Reports go out every 6 weeks
Progress is determined by Units. You must complete all of the lessons and pass the test for the Unit to be counted complete.
ATTENDANCE INCENTIVES will be given for students who do not miss move that 3 days in a grading period. These forms can waive an offline assignment.
Bonus Certificates
(+10 points)
may also be earned. (may be used on test or lesson)
Goals MUST be set weekly with your teacher.
There will be incentives given for making your goal
and consequences for not making several goals.
If you miss more than 10 days you must make arrangements to make this time up after school to earn credit
You must take your own notes. Reading others notes is not the same as taking your own. Having a copy of another student's notebook is NOT allowed.
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