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Daily Life of Spain 1500's

No description

John Faldet

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Daily Life of Spain 1500's

Daily Life Around 1500's Choncho Richard Food Homes Clothing Entertainment Food Of The Time Bread, meat, fish, pottage's and wine continued to form the basis of most diets. People avoided uncooked fruit and vegetables Believed that they carried diseases,
In 1569, was illegal to sell fresh fruit because of the plague Daily Life Subjects What was the Clothing like?... Home Life Entertainment... Hide and Seek Blind-Mans-Bluff Draughts 1)Fabrics
4) Ornamentation
5) Sleeved/Puffed Dresses Theaters Sports 6) Gowns, bodices, and petticoats
7) Hair... Up and feathered, or with hat Woman: mostly stayed home and took care of the children, chores, made food, clothes and cleaned and health.
Children: once old enough to work, helped around on the farm and with their mom. \
Men: left early in morning to work, Either in the fields or at a job. Homes were smaller than they are today, made of wood and were heated by a fire place where the food was cooked as well. Many homes grew their own food and sold the rest The End
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