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The United States of America

North America

Chantale Pouliot

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of The United States of America

Denver United States of America History The States Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California AL AK Capital:
Montgomery The star blue
quartz is Alabama's gemstone. Capital:
Juneau Alaska has many different climates, even more than you can think of. The Southeast has a mid-latitude climate. Its both the wettest and warmest part of Alaska. The South has a subarctic climate. It has short, cool summers. It also has frequently strong winds in the winter. It doesn't have as much rain as Southeast, but it has more snow. The Interior has a subarctic climate. Its were the hottest and coldest temperatures occur. The summers can get up to around 90*F (34*C) and the winters can get as low as -60*F (-51.1*C). The West has a subarctic climate, somewhat moderate, but also has a variety. Its variety is technically a desert. The North has an arctic climate. It has long very cold winters and short cool summers as low as 34*F (1.1*C) in July. Capital:
Phoenix AZ Copper is Arizona's state mineral. AR Capital:
Little Rock Milk has been recognized as Arkansas' state beverage since 1985. CA Capital:
Sacramento West coast swing is California's state dance. Colorado CO Yule marble has been Colorado's state rock since 2004. Connecticut CT Capital:
Hartford Delaware Mountain laurel was designated as Connecticut's state flower in 1907. Capital:
Dover DE The blue hen chicken is Delaware's state bird since 1939. Florida FL Capital:
Tallahasse "The Sunshine State" became Florida's nickname in 1970. Georgia GA Capital:
Atlanta Live oak has
been designated Georgia's state tree since 1937. Hawaii HI Capital:
Honolulu Hawaii's climate is mostly tropical, but temperatures and humidity can be cooler due to the winds from the east. Summer and winters are mostly in the 80s (around 28*C), during the day, but summer nights are in the 70s (around 24*C) and winter nights are in the 60s (around 18*C). Snow is rare, but not in the mountains. Most of Hawaii only has only two seasons:
The dry season: from May to October
The wet season: from October to April Idaho Capital:
Boise ID Star garnet has been Idaho's state gemstone since 1967. Illinois IL Capital:
Springfield Indiana IN Capital:
Indianapolis Water has been Indiana's state drink since 2007. Iowa IA Capital:
Des Moines Geode has been Iowa's official state rock since 1967. Kansas Capital:
Topeka KS Cottonwood has been Kansas' state tree since 1937. Kentucky Capital:
Frankfort KY Clog dancing is Kentucky's state dance. Purple violet became Illinois' state flower by schoolchildren in 1908. Louisiana LA Capital:
Baton Rouge ME Maine Capital:
Augusta The brown pelican has been Louisiana's state bird since 1966. Tourmaline has been Maine's mineral since 1971. 1. The American War of Independence This war started in 1775. The colonies wanted independence from England because they didn't want England to have any control over them. Tension has been going on between England and the colonies for ten years before the war started. George Washington was Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. Members of the Continental Congress wrote a letter explaining their complaints and declaring their independence from England. The war finished in 1783, and the Unites states of America became a country. Maryland MD 2. Jefferson's Dinner Party 3. Ford motor company 4. Great Depression in the United states On the evening of June 20, 1790, Thomas Jefferson invited Alexander Hamilton and James Madison to his house in Manhattan. All three men were making decisions about the future United States. They were talking about the nation capital and that it would be on the Potomac, which is Washington, D.C. If this dinner never happened, New York might' still be the nation's capital and the central government might have never established. Henry Ford invented the Model T in 1908. It was an easier way of life. He had workers who did their job in the factory making cars which it made it faster and cost efficient. He made thousands of cars for the rich and the poor. He also gave life a new way of transportation. His invention impacted America's part victory in World War 2. The Great Depression was a huge economic depression that made millions of Americans and the world out of work. It Since they couldn't find a job, many unemployed people went from place to place to find some work. Not many people had cars, but most had to hitchhike or go on trains. It was the entrance of the United States in World War 2 that finished the Great Depression in the Unites States, 5. The Beatles The Beatles were different, original and more famous than anybody ever was or will ever be. They knew and used this advantage, by using their popularity to spread their message of peace, love; and revolution. In 1964, the Beatles changed everything. They made it all right for celebrities to express religion and politics. They were the first popular group to talk to reporters about things other than music and style. Today, long haired rock stars wouldn’t get their look if it wasn’t for the Beatles. They made it all right for men to wear long hair, even though they were made fun of. Capital:
Annapolis Landmarks 1. Washington Monument 3. The Golden Gate Bridge 2. The Hollywood sign 4. Mount Rushmore National Memorial 5. Bellagio Fountains The Washington Monument finished construction in 1885, but since the interior was not done, it didn’t open to public until 1888. It was the tallest building in the world until the Eiffel Tower came a year later. It still remains the tallest stone structure. The monument is hollow and the inner walls have 189 carved stones, which were donated from all over the city, country and other countries. It was a big, bright display for the real estate development, Hollywoodland. that was built in 1923. It cost $21,000 and had 50-foot white letters made with 3' x 9' panels. The frames were made of pipes, wires and telephone poles. The letters had four thousand lights, 8' apart. In 1949, the city was going to fix and rebuild the Sign, removing the "land" and leaving the "Hollywood". In April of 2010, the Sign's #1 fan, Hugh Hefner, wanted to raise money to buy and protect the 138 acres behind the Hollywood Sign. Along with donations from different companies, the Hollywood Sign will be protected. The golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge extending the Golden Gate. It connects the City of San Francisco and the county of Marin to the north. It opened to pedestrians on May 27, 1937 and opened to the traffic the day after. Culture Beliefs, traditions, etc. 1. Religion beliefs 2007 In 2002, a study showed that 59% of Americans said that religion is an important part in their lives, higher than any other independent country. But there have been doubts about the existence of a god or gods is growing among Americans and younger Americans are becoming more and more irreligious. Most Americans are Christian. Protestants (Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.) dominate all other religion. Religion is an important part of American’s public and politic life. Almost every President was a Christian. Mount Rushmore is four sculptures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln in Pennington County, South Dakota. It represents the first 130 years of the United States. The mountain was renamed after Charles E. Rushmore, a New York lawyer during the 1885 expedition. The Bellagio Fountains are a choreographed water feature with lights and music. Its set along the front of the five-star Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas built between 1993 and 1997. At first, the carving increased tourism in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. The carving began in 1927 and finished in 1941. 2. The Candle in the Window 3. The American Eagle 4. American culture 5. Languages The fountain cost $40 million to build. The tradition of putting the Candle in the Window has been around since the Colonial times. It can be done all year. It symbolizes warmth and safety of a fireplace. It also marks loyalty to family members and loved who aren’t there at the time. The flame represents a source of heat to cook food and heat the body. A lot of other countries around the world celebrate the Candle in the Window tradition. Placing an eagle is an American tradition that observes freedom of choice protected to all people of the Unites States of America. Over the years, Americans have placed sculptures of eagles in important places of their homes. Several families have an eagle with expanded wings over their fireplaces, doors and entries of garages. On June 20, 1782, the bald eagle was chosen as Unites States' emblem partly because of its long life, body and beautiful look. There is some native Hawaiian language. Because of immigrants, There is some Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Tagalog and French in the far north of New England and Louisiana due to Acadian-Canadian influences. The official language of the Untied States in English and the second language is Spanish. "Old Line State" is Maryland's nickname because the Maryland Line served in many Revolution War Battles. Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New
Hampshire MA MN MS MO MT NE NV NH Capital:
Boston Capital:
Saint Paul Capital:
Jackson Capital:
Jefferson City Capital:
Helena Capital:
Lincoln Rhodonite has been recognized as Massachusetts' state gemstone since 1979. MI Capital:
Lansing The apple blossom was designated as Michigan's state flower in 1897. The common loon was adopted as Minnesota's state bird in 1961. Square dancing is Mississippi's state dance. Gelena has been Missouri's state mineral since 1967. Montana designated the ponderosa pine as its state tree in 1949. Nebraska has two major climates: humid continental climate is presented in the eastern half and a semi-arid climate in the western half. The whole state has different temperatures and weather per season. Normally, there are hot summers and cold winters. Humidity decreases from east to west. Thunderstorms and sometimes tornadoes are most often during the spring and the summer. During he winter, the Rocky Mountains sends a brief chill to the west side. Capital:
Carson City Sandstone has been Nevada's state rock since 1987. Capital:
Concord Apple cider is New
Hampshire's state drink. New Jersey NJ Capital:
Trenton New jersey's nickname is
"The Garden State". New Mexico Capital:
Santa Fe NM January temperatures can be 35*F (2*C) in the north and 55*F (13*C) in the central and southern parts. July temperatures can be from 78*F (26*C) to 92*F (33*C). New Mexico's climate can go from arid to semi-rid with many different temperatures. Almost half of its yearly rainfall comes in July and August and thunderstorms mostly come in the summer. Snow comes a lot more in the northern part rather than in the southern part. New York Capital:
Albany NY Sugar maple was designated New York's state tree in 1956. North
Carolina Capital:
Raleigh NC Gold is North Carolina's state mineral. North Dakota ND Capital:
Bismark North Dakota's nickname is
"The Peace Garden State". Ohio Capital:
Columbus OH Ohio's state dance is the Charleston. Oklahoma OK Capital:
Oklahoma City The Oklahoma rose has been Oklahoma's state flower since 2004. Oregon Capital:
Salem OR Thunder-egg has been Oregon's state rock since 1965. Pennsylvania Capital:
Harrisburg PA The ruffed grouse was designated Pennsylvania's state bird in 1931. Rhode Island RI Capital:
Providence Coffee milk was so popular that is was designated Rhode island's state drink in 1993. South Carolina Capital:
Columbia SC Amethyst has been
South Carolina's state gemstone
since 1969. South Dakota Capital:
Pierre SD South Dakota made the black hills white spruce its state tree in 1947. Tennessee TN Capital:
Nashville Texas TX Capital:
Austin Texas' state drink is beer. Utah UT Capital:
Salt Lake City Vermont VT Capital:
Montpelier Coal has been Utah's state rock since 1991. Agate is Tennessee's state mineral. Vermont made the hermit thrush its state bird in 1941. Virginia VA Capital:
Richmond Washington WA Capital:
Olympia West Virginia Capital:
Charleston WV Flowering dogwood became Virginia's state flower. In the eastern part, the temperatures are much more extreme. January temperatures can range from 8*F (-13*C) to 40*F (4*C). July temperatures can go from 48*F (9*C) to 92*F (33*C). Western Washington is as mild, but Eastern Washington has much more a continental climate by having cold winters, hot summers and rainfalls. In the dry southern part, there are sagebrush deserts. January temperatures in the western part can be as low as 20*F (-7*C). July temperatures can be from 44*F (7*C) to 80*F (27*C). "The mountain state" is West Virginia's state nickname. Wisconsin WI Capital:
Madison Wyoming Capital:
Cheyenne WY Wisconsin adopted the polka as its state dance in 1993. The United states is a multicultural country. Its home to many different culture, such as Chinese, English, Mexican etc. American culture is the most individualistic in the world. Jade has been Wyoming's state gemstone since 1967. America's high social mobility plays a big role in attracting immigrants. The United states of America is a terrific country to visit because I went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and I loved it. I would love to visit Indianapolis, Indiana; New York, Alaska and Washington because they look so pretty and seeing the pictures makes me want to go, especially Indianapolis. I don't know if I'd go to any of these places alone. I'd prefer going with a friends, a couple of friends or a group of friends. I would definitely not go everywhere because I'm not interested in visiting every state. I'd visit all of Canada, but not all of the USA. Don't not go somewhere because I said I wouldn't go or go somewhere because I said I would, go wherever you want to go. ITS ALL UP TO YOU.
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