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Tomochichi- Gates

No description

Liberti Gates

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Tomochichi- Gates

Tomochichi By:Liberti Gates By:Liberti Gates Who was Tomochichi? He was a Native American Creek leader, and served as the Chief of the Yamacraw tribe. When did Tomochichi live? He was born in the year 1644 and died on October 5, 1739. He was born in the year 1644 and died on October 5, 1739. Where did Tomochichi live. Tomochichi's tribe was located where present day Savannah GA is. What did Tomochichi do? Tomochichi was exiled from his first tribe, the reason was unclear. He then started his own tribe called the Yamacraws, which played a large role in Georgia's history. What role did Tomochichi play in Georgia's history? The Yamacraw land was where James Ogelthorpe, an English settler, wanted to start to build Georgia. Tomochichi decided to let Ogelthorpe use Yamacraw land for his new settlement. What did Tomochichi gain? The deal Ogelthorpe made with Tomochichi kept peaceful relation beetween the tribe and settlers. The Yamacraw tribe was also able to trade with the new settlement. Cool Facts Cool Facts Tomochichi wanted his people to be educated, and with the help of some English settlers he created an Indian School. When Tomochichi was taken to England, by Ogelthorpe, he was honored with presents and entertainment. Tomochichi's tribe, the Yamacraws, approximately had a population of 200. Tomochichi helped Ogelthorpe make many decisions and treaties with other tribes. Tomochichi was in his late ninties when he died. Tomochichi's grave was commemorated with the marker of " a Pyramid Stone". THE END
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