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Rosa Parks

No description

Ashmitha Kanagiah

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Rosa Parks

Early life
Pictures of Rosa
When people knew Rosa's arrest, Mr. E.D Nixon,a friend and leader of Civil Rights.calls a meeting of black people leaders to discuss how to fight bus segregation.They all agree to boycott of all city buses on Monday, December 5. A new and popular minister in Montgomery named Martin Luther King.Jr is chosen to by the leader of the boycott. By Friday evening the news of the boycott went all through the city.
The Bus
Once,Rosa went home from work and she was really tired.When she went on a bus,she sat in the middle spot,next to a black man and two other black girls were on Rosa's right.On the next stop,there was white peoples that was coming.There was a man that didn't had a seat so the bus driver said to the peoples that was on Rosa's row to go on the back.They didn't move.When he said it a second time,they all went back expept.......

Rosa Louise McCauley was born in Tuskegee in Alabama,on February 4, 1913.She moved with her parents,James and Leona McCauley,to an other city in Alabama.They moved to live with Rosa's mother's parents.Her brother Sylvester,was born in 1915.Few years later,her parents separated.Rosa went to school at the age of eleven.Before that, she was home schooled by her mother. She finished her primary but never completed her secondary cause she had to take care of her grandmother.In 1932,she married Raymond Parks and they moved in a new apartement in Montgomery,Alabama.

Rosa.The driver said to her to go in the back but Rosa said no.The driver went to her seat and asked the question again and Miss.Parks repeated no.The driver immediatly call the policeman.Rosa Parks was arrested for violating segregation laws.
On monday,December 5,black leaders wait to see if Africains-Americains are going to work by bus.To their surprise,there was no black people going by bus.Their plan of boycotting bus was a succes.That same day,Rosa Parks goes to court with her lawyer.The judge fines her 14$.Rosa's lawyer said that this was not fair
so they will go to the U.S Supreme Court to finish this case.
Rosa Parks
Death and Funeral
Rosa died on October 24,2005 at the age of 92, in Montgomery.She died because she had dementia,a brain disease.There was a funeral on Washington D.C and there was more than 50,000 that came to her funeral.After her death,there was highways,post stamps,museum,church
that was on her name.
By Ashmitha Kanagiah, gr:321
After one year of boycott,the Supreme court says that they will stop segregation laws because the bus company were loosing a lot of money.75% of bus riders were black but they all joined the boycott so they are loosing a lot of money.Rosa Parks got out from jail.Now that there is no racial segregation,black and white peoples are now equal.
A movie about Rosa Parks
The Rosa Parks Story
This is where Rosa Parks sat when she refuses to give up her seat.
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