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The Giver

No description

the giver

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of The Giver

The Giver
Jonas’ dad and his staff at the nurturing center voted for Gabriel’s release. Gabriel had been restless at night and couldn’t stay asleep. Jonas had to make the decision of escaping with Gabriel even if the planned date was two weeks later. Jonas left that night and took Gabriel with him. He took his father’s bike and rode away until they rested next to the river. Search planes with heat seeking-devices constantly roamed the area to find Jonas and Gabriel. Jonas transmitted thoughts of cold so that the planes would not detect them. As the two go further and further, the road becomes bumpier and Jonas twists his ankle. As they get deeper into Elsewhere, they see wildlife, experience hunger, and pain. The weather changes and starts to snow. Jonas cannot bike any further, and has to climb up a hill with Gabriel. Enduring the harsh weather, the two make it to the top of the hill. Coincidentally, Jonas sees the sled the Giver showed him in a memory. As they were sledding down the hill, they heard people singing and music.
He forced his eyes open as they went downward, downward, sliding,and all at once he could see lights, and he recognized them now. He knew they were shining through the windows of rooms,that they were red, blue, and yellow lights that twinkled from the trees in places where families created and kept memories, where they celebrated love. - Pg. 168 ¶-2

'' If you get away, if you get beyond, if you get elsewhere, it will mean that the community has to bear the burden themselves, of the memories you had been holding for them.'' Pg. 146 ☺¶-6

When Jonas runs away from the community it’s like when a child runs away from his/her family due to not getting his/her own way. Jonas left the community because he did not like the way the community did things. A child would run away from his family because he/she does not agree with his/her parents.
Why did Jonas decide to save Gabriel?

What do you think happened to the community after Jonas made it Elsewhere?

What do you think the community will do with the memories?

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