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Buk Lau

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Materials

- Wood....We used it because its strong, and easy to work with.
- String.... We used string to pull the axle.
- Duct Tape.... We used Duct tape to grip the wheels.
- CD's.... We used CD's for the actual wheels themselves
- Wooden Dowels.... We used the dowels for the axles.
- Drill.... We used the drill to drill holes in the wood for the axles to fit in.
- Jigsaw.... We used the Jigsaw for cutting the wood for our car.
- Mousetrap.... We used the mouse trap as a " motor " for our car.
- Hot Glue.... We used hot glue to keep the wheels on the axles and to keep things down.
- Straws.... We used straws for a bumber in the back of our car.
Energy Transfer
The Energy transferred from the Spring in the Mouse trap as it got potential energy when we cocked it back. The energy then transferred from the spring to the bar of the mousetrap. Then when the mouse trap was set off. The mousetrap transferred the energy to the string and then to the axle. Then the axle turned and made the car move.
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