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Numicon training

Inset Jan 2013

jon gritten

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Numicon training

Making maths fun! Learning with Numicon Welcome to the World
of Numicon! In Summary Fun learning with Numicon Planning with Numicon is easy... Staff confident in using Numicon;

Numicon activities regularly planned into lessons;

Children confident in number facts and calculations;

Children enjoying maths and thinking of themselves as successful mathematicians. Outcomes What difficulties do young children have in maths? What difficulties do children have with their maths? Provide opportunities to play and explore with the shapes Put the shapes in order from
1 to 10.

What thoughts have you got? Cover the board Numicon: Children should have the opportunity to explore Numicon freely before they will be ready or interested in using it in a directed way. Introducing Numicon http://roydon21classes.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/multiplication-with-numicon.html Fun with Numicon Classroom Set Up Numicon is organised and ready to use. Number line is placed at children’s eye line for easy reference. The first activities are designed to introduce the Numicon shapes
without using number names or numerals. First Activities Creating a number rich classroom environment 2013 - The Year of Maths Step 1 – ‘Get to know the Numicon shapes’.

Step 2 - Start to create a number rich environment in your classroom.

Step 3- Regularly plan Numicon activities into your maths lessons: Using Numicon - Identify learning objectives and find associated activities (ask for support if needed);

- Photocopy activity sheet, annotate and attach to lesson plan;

- Get the resources and deliver outstanding lessons! At the start of the unit look at your medium term

Consider where Numicon can help children achieve learning objectives;

Are you going to use it as a whole class resource or to differentiate learning - don't just think of your lower ability children. Match the shapes
- It is visually stimulating, interactive and tactile;

- A quality first learning multi-sensory resource;

- Numbers can be very abstract - Numicon makes numbers real;

- Helps children to understand number relationships;

- Enables children to calculate without counting;

- Helps children to learn to make connections to use and apply their understanding;

- It is inclusive and fun!

Numicon will be beneficial only if used on a consistent basis.; Reflections on Numicon Your task Multiplication with Numicon
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