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BGIS Counseling Program

No description

Coley Carlisle

on 29 July 2017

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Transcript of BGIS Counseling Program

Brock's Gap Intermediate School
Counseling Program
Mission Statement
At Brock' Gap Intermediate School we are a community of learners. We are here to learn, grow and become respectful, responsible, resourceful, and safe citizens.
Personal/Social Development
Delivery-Student Services
-Bullying Prevention (Bully Busters)
-Guidance & Academy Lessons
-Individual Student Counseling
-Small Groups/Lunch Bunch
-Responsive Services/BUCs & MAC
-Collaboration with students, teachers, administration, parents, & community
-Self Evaluate
-Counselor Advisory Committee
-Student/Parent/Faculty Needs Assessment
-Use data to promote college & career readiness (Career Cruising & CampFire)
-Inform & encourage active participation (Provide lists for ways to get involved)
-Broadcast, Webpage& Surveys
Peer Helper Program
-Assist new students -Attend TNT training
-Serve as hosts/hostesses for the school
-Act as a tour guide when necessary
-Promote Red Ribbon Week
-Assist with 4th graders transitioning
-Participate in community service opportunities at BGIS
Small Group Guidance
-Divorce Group
-Stress Management Group
-Grief Group
-Anger Management Group
-Friendship Group -Social Skills Group
-New Student Group -Self Esteem Group
-Academic & Peer Support Group
5th Grade-Too Good for Violence, Second Steps, Camp Fire
6th Grade-Life Skills & Career Cruising
5th & 6th cover bullying, friendship, conflict resolution, goal setting, learning styles, study skills, & career exploration

-Character Education Lessons-Core Essentials
Community Involvement
-BUCS Club (Believing, Uniting, Contributing)
-Community Service Projects
-Toy and food drives for the community
-Volunteer Recognition for 30+ hours

Welcome to BGIS!
Contact Information

6th Grade Counselor
Coley Robichaux (439-1634)

5th Grade Counselor
Catherine Bruno-Counselor (439-1624)

Academic Development
-Applying skills needed for educational achievement
-Applying the skills of transitioning between educational levels
-Developing and monitoring personal educational plans
Career Development
- Applying career exploration and planning skills in the achievement of life career goals
-Knowing where and how to obtain information about the world of work and post-secondary training/education
Personal & Social Development
-Understanding yourself as an individual and as a member of diverse local and global communities
-Interacting with others in a way that respect individual and group differences
-Applying personal safety skills and social learning
-Testing Coordinators
-Problem Solving Team
-Finley Award Committee
-Leadership Team
-Positive Behavior Intervention Team
-Involved in Culturally Responsive School Focus
-Involved in Responsive to Student Focus
-Guidance & Counseling Webpage
-Google Docs/Emails
-BGIS Broadcast
-BGIS Facebook
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