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No description

Molly Mason

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Layout

I like the layout of this contents page; it isn't too cluttered and it seems organised. A less cluttered page is more attractive to the reader; it makes it a lot easier for them to read and understand. There is only one main image on the page which fits in well with the layout and colour scheme. This image has a white background as well as the whole page having a white background; this white space effectively draws attention to the text. There are three other images on the page, they are all situation to the right hand side of the page in line with each other. On the left side is the information, all under sub headings, with page numbers included. This is a very organised layout.
Colour Scheme
The colours used on this contents page are very simple; there is mainly only white, blue and black. The title and the main text is black. However, the text which needs to be highlighted is either blue or green, this is to make it stand out to the reader.
As usual, the heading is larger and bolder than any other font on the page. However, it is in black just like the other main text, which means it isn't as singled out as usual. The main font in the listing of the contents is black and in a smaller, black font. This font is suitable for what the text is used for. The sub headings need to stand out from the basic main text; they are blue rather than black.
There are only four images on this page, with one of these images being the main image. It is central to the page but it does not get in the way of he text and i won't distract the reader from the actual information on the page as the texts fits nicely around the image. The image is of Haley Williams from Paramore, who are a popular and well-known band. As this is the main image, a lot of paramore fans will be drawn to it and therefore read the article about paramore. The other three images are suitable as they are images of the artists who have articles in the magazine. Images make the contents page a lot easier for some readers as they may struggle to find the article they want amongst the text, instead they can find the image of the article they want and take the page number from the image.
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