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Empowering me

No description

elizabeth cardine

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of Empowering me

Our Impact
After only 2 years we have graduated 11 students, most of whom have gone on to college with significant merit-based financial aid. Our graduates are at:
Clark University
Keene State College
University of New Hampshire
Boston Conservatory
Goucher College
Our Future
Current MC2 School
Approved as a charter in 2011, with our first campus opening in Manchester soon after.

Our Monadnock campus opened in Keene in 2015 and has grown from 57 students to the current 90. We hope to grow to 120 students in the coming years.
Our Model
Designed to be truly preparatory, our model focuses on many practices that balance student academic needs with authentic learning application.

~ Checklists to identify goals
~ Habits to grow into
~ Learning Teams to manage the pace

Roots in the Monadnock Region
Begun in 2002, the Monadnock Community Connections School emerged as a nationally recognized model for project-based community learning.

This original MC2 survived until 2010.
Empowering me
with the knowledge and skills
to use my unique voice
effectively, and with integrity, in co-creating our global public world.


Antioch University New England
Hannah Grimes Center
Keene State College
River Valley Community College
Surry Village Charter School

...and dozens of Internship Sites

Rounding out our 5-year plan, we hope to:
~ Grow into a sustainable non-profit
~ Have steady student enrollment
~ Be secure in an affordable space
~ Continue to positively impact the community through Internships
~ Graduate confident students ready to engage in college and work

Charter School.
A free public high school

Community Connections
We are always looking for new partners and
to help us grow into these goals, to serve as
for our students, and to serve as the
public conscience
of our graduates, helping us provide an unparalleled education for all students, regardless of their educational or financial background.
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