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The Lunar Chronicles Theme songs

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Sami Brookes

on 27 May 2016

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Transcript of The Lunar Chronicles Theme songs

I am Not a Robot by Marina and the Diamonds
Levana Blackburn
No Rest for the Wicked by Lykke Li
Scarlet Benoit
Little Red Riding Hood by Ameanda Seyfried
Cress Darnel
Satellite Call by Sara Bareilles
The Lunar Chronicles
The Lunar Chronicles Theme songs
Midnight By Beth Crowley, based off the Lunar Chronicles
Midnight By Beth Crowley
Gasoline By Halsey
Yellow Flicker Beat By Lorde
I chose “Gasoline” because it seems like it’s about a Cyborg who people shun and can’t seem to fit it. At the beginning of Cinder cinder is shunned by the people of New Beijing. I chose “Yellow Flicker Beat” because it seems to be about a girl who doesn’t fit in and does not care. Cinder is a cyborg mechanic who faces the fact that she is different and is a cyborg.
I think that this song represents The Lunar Chronicles because to start the book out, Cinder falls in love with theEmperor, who is in love with her as well, he invits her to the annual ball , where she is arrested for "treason" , as Levana calls it.
I chose “I am Not a Robot” because Iko is a sweet Android robot who dreams of having an escort droid (a human-like android) body. She is able to get one in the middle of the third book, and still tries to make people believe she is human. She has a very unique personality chip, and it is considered faulty. She is not very obedient, and she is as much human as she is android.
I chose “No Rest For the Wicked” as Levana, the Lunar queen’s Theme song. I chose it because she is evil and always has been for those who have read Fairest. She tries to kill and seriously burns her one year old niece and later tries to kill her very own step daughter. She realizes in the end, the fact that she will never be happy.
I chose “Little Red Riding Hood” By Amanda Seyfried (cover version) as the theme song for Scarlet because she is the Lunar Chronicles version of Little Red Riding Hood and also happens to be in love with Wolf (Ze’ev), The Lunar Chronicles version of the Big Bad Wolf. This song remind me of this theme because it is about the Big Bad Wolf falling in love with Little Red Riding Hood.
I feel that “Satellite Call” is the perfect theme song for Cress because she was trapped on a satellite from the age of 4 to the age of 16 as Levana’s personal programmer. She programs a direct communication chip and installs it in Emperor Kaito’s android, Nainsi where Cinder finds it and uses it to comm (The form of communication in this series) Cress. Cinder and her friends then form a plan to rescue her from the satellite.

Winter Hayle-Blackburn
Bird Set Free by Sia
I chose this song to represent Winter because she is a Lunar who chose not to use her gift. (Lunars are able to manipulate bioelectricity, and control the minds of Lunars and Earthens. There are some Lunars know as Shells who are Lunars who are born without the Lunar gift and are immune to manipulation) When Lunars don’t use their gift for a long period of time can go insane. Winter chose not to use her gift, and went slightly insane. She has illusions that the walls are bleeding because there is so much bloodshed in Artemisia. She also hallucinates about being attacked. She is very much like this song because she is a little crazy and doesn’t let it affect her daily life.
Carswell Thorne
Something I Want from "Tangled" soundtrack
I chose “Something I Want” because Thorne is an extremely famous criminal who is broken out of prison by Cinder in Scarlet. This song represents him because he is in love with Cress and they plan to, in the end of the last book, explore Earth on the Rampion ( The airship used in the books)
Ze'ev Kesley (Wolf)
Monster by Skillet
I chose “Monster” because Wolf (Ze’ev) is a genetically engineered lunar being. The Lunar labs mixed wolf and Human DNA and created an army of ‘special operatives’ as they call them in the books. The genetic engineering done to him gives him killer instincts, causing him to sometimes lose control and hurt the ones he loves. The song “Monster” reminds me of this because the singer is talking about having an evil part he can’t control.

Jacin Clay
A Thousand Miles by Ronan Parke
I think “A Thousand Miles” represents Jacin because he is in love with Winter and her is truly devoted, and is her personal guard. He would risk everything for her, and would walk a thousand miles for her. When his Queen Levana tells him to murder her, he fakes a murder, and as a result he was a wanted man.
Emporor Kaito
Up by Olly Murs
I think this song fits Kaito perfectly because at the end of the first novel Kai was forced to put Cinder in prison by Levana. She was unjustly charged for a failed murder of the Lunar queen, Levana. They were in love with each other so it probably hurt Kai very much to put her in jail for a crime she didn’t do.

Thanks for watching!
"They don't need a princess, they need a revelutionary!"
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